Who We Are

The Freeman Asian Scholars are a group of students diverse in their intellectual interests and were selected to be representatives of the 11 affiliated Asian countries.


The Freeman Asian Scholars, as individuals, are entrusted with the goal to become leaders in our respective fields and bring home the knowledge we cultivate at Wesleyan University. We aim to build bridges and communities across oceans and cultural differences for the betterment of our collective future.

The Freeman Asian Scholars Association, as a collective, aims to promote a long-lasting sense of community between current and past scholars, as well as the wider Wesleyan community. We aim to facilitate the engagement and involvement of current scholars to create a collective that cultivates support  within the Association and the wider international student body.


  1. Hi Freeman Asian Scholars Association,

    I am a senior Econ major, and I’m writing a Wesleying article about gender imbalance in the Econ department at Wesleyan. I’ve been speaking with professors (male and female) and students about the issue; one professor brought to my attention the increased representation of FASA within the Econ major. I was wondering if you have any data about which majors FASA students enter into, and if that information may be further broken down by gender.

    Kerry Nix

    • Hi! We apologize for just replying. You can contact the secretary of the ExCo, Shingo Umehara (sumehara at wes) for further information.

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