Who We Are



  • We’re recipients of the Freeman Asian scholarship that is offered to a highly selective group of students who represent their countries from Asia


  • Promote a long lasting sense of community between current and past scholars, as well as with the wider Wesleyan community.
  • Facilitate engagement and involvement of current students to build closer FASA community


  1. Hi Freeman Asian Scholars Association,

    I am a senior Econ major, and I’m writing a Wesleying article about gender imbalance in the Econ department at Wesleyan. I’ve been speaking with professors (male and female) and students about the issue; one professor brought to my attention the increased representation of FASA within the Econ major. I was wondering if you have any data about which majors FASA students enter into, and if that information may be further broken down by gender.

    Kerry Nix

    • Hi! We apologize for just replying. You can contact the secretary of the ExCo, Shingo Umehara (sumehara at wes) for further information.

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