FASA Late Night Donates Proceeds to Environmental Conservation Group


Traditionally, the annual FASA Late Night is where the new first-year class of Freeman Scholars bond together to organize the event, cook and sell food from their home countries, and raise funds to support FASA activities for the academic year. This past Fall 2018 semester, we aimed at using this event to give back to an activist organization from one of the FASA countries in solidarity.

The first-years (Class of 2022), who hosted this year’s Late Night, dedicated 20% of their proceeds to the Indonesian environmental activist group WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia or The Indonesian Forum for the Environment). Specifically, FASA aimed to support WALHI’s activities in providing relief to the people of Palu, Sulawesi who were affected by the September 2018 earthquake and tsunami.

As a result of the funds raised during Late Night, FASA’s Executive Committee (Exco) was able to donate $132.00 to WALHI over winter break. We received a warm email confirming WALHI’s receipt of our donation as well as some photos of their activities:


Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 14.19.07

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Thank you to everyone involved who made Late Night possible! Big shoutout to the FASA first-years, members of Exco, and FASA upperclass students that provided a place for the first-years to cook. We hope to continue this practice of donating to activist organizations in our home countries by using funds raised from future Late Nights.

Special shoutout to the Office of International Affairs, WesleyanWorldWednesday, and the Resource Center for helping us fund our Late Night preparations; and special shoutout to Ms. Khalisah Halid of WALHI for coordinating with us to make the transfer of our donations possible.

To learn more about WALHI, you can visit their website at: https://walhi.or.id (website in Indonesian).

To view the original FASA Late Night 2018 Facebook event, you can click the link here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/251644802170651/ .

Class of 2020: Frosh Features #1

Hi! It’s been a while since we last updated our blog… But we’re back!

Following the yearly tradition, we will be posting Frosh Features on this blog for each of the 11 members in the Freeman Scholars Class of 2020. First off, get to know Bright and Yu Kai, a.k.a “The Sassiest Duo’20”!

“Bright” Sajirat Palakarn (Thailand)

/ Yu Kai Tan (Malaysia)
Yukai Bright 2

What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your time?

Bright: The History Papers are the ones that take most of my time. It’s mostly for researching and formulating ideas for the prompt. What makes it especially long and tiresome is that sometime, you already had the main idea and the backbone of the entire paper, then you found some contradicting evidence which disprove your entire idea. However, I must say that it is a great learning experience.

Yu Kai: Poring over an Art History paper 30 times can take up quite a bit of time. I guess the lesson of the story is: don’t take subjects you love too much. You’ll love life, and lose sleep.

Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

Bright: Basement of Olin, the first table from the staircase. If that is taken, I usually go to the table near the government documents stack.

Yu Kai: Off the top of my head. That counts as a place, right? Long research and reading based papers are very gratifying to write, but spontaneity is oftentimes more enthralling.

What do you think is Wesleyan’s hidden gem?

Bright: Squirrels’ homes? I wonder where they stay at night.

Yu Kai:The night sky on Foss Hill. The Milky Way arching overhead, sprinkled with stars against a deep velvet sky, makes the quiet suburban lifestyle extremely worthwhile.

What is your favorite food served on campus?

Bright: Sweet and sour chicken at Kosher station in Usdan market place.

Yu Kai: Pumpkin? Squash? Butternut? I love them. But I still can’t tell them apart.

Yu Kai Bright 1

What do you do when you miss home?

Bright: Usually just listen to some Thai music and eat some chips.

Yu Kai: Eat chilli.

What would you say to people interested in applying to the Freeman Asian Scholarship?

Bright: This scholarship has provided me with an unbelievable opportunity to learn and expand my boundary. Wesleyan University is such a great place to experience new knowledge, and you will never regret trying something new here.

Yu Kai: 1. What you think is your greatest weakness may as easily be your greatest strength. 2. Start contemplating about life early (it’s also a good excuse for sitting around unproductively). 3. Do it!

What has been your favorite experience so far at Wesleyan?

Bright: Realizing that your opinion is valued and your input in the class contribute to others’ learning is such a great feeling.

Yuki: Seeing the last light of day sifting through the fall foliage. The dancing hues of vivid crimson and wary yellows, wandering upon the lingering greys of the pavement. I am living in Lothlórien.


Thanks for reading!

FASA Class of 2019 Freshman Features #3


The third instalment of the Class of 2019 Freshmen! Get to know Pi from Thailand and Amanda from Malaysia.

IMG_4926 copy

Where is your favourite place to do schoolwork?

Fisk language lab (and my room)

Do you have any interesting extracurricular activities that you are participating in this semester?

Kung Fu & Mindfulness and Wesleyan Women in Science

What has been your favourite class this semester?

Computer Science II

What do you do when you miss home?

Cook Thai food

What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your time?

Linear Algebra homework!!

IMG_4914 copy

Where is your favourite place to do schoolwork?

Usdan. People sometimes call me Usdan girl.

What do you think is Wesleyan’s hidden gem?

The Center for the Humanities building on Pearl Street—I love its design.

What has been your favourite experience so far at Wesleyan?

Walking back to my dorm at around 5pm (in the winter) and seeing Olin’s silhouette against the darkening blue sky. The color gradient was right out of Photoshop. It was so beautiful!

What has been your favourite class this semester?

The Political Theology class on Zionism. I love the readings. They’ve given me so much insight into Judaism, Jewish culture and the arguments for Israel’s existence. It’s a very, very small seminar (so far there are only 4 of us), but we have very lively, logical discussions. The class is helping me become the incisive thinker I want to be.

What would you say to people interested in applying to the Freeman Asian Scholarship?

1. Do your research (don’t be afraid to reach out)
2. Write about what you’re thoroughly interested in
3. Be yourself on paper and in person

FASA Class of 2019 Freshman Features #2


The second instalment of the Class of 2019 Freshmen! Get to know Zach from Vietnam and Amira from Indonesia.

IMG_3519 copy

What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your time?

Elementary Chinese, because the course composes of 2 different classes, and I have class time as well as homework every day.

Where is your favourite place to do schoolwork?

I don’t know if I should say this… But the Olin Reserve Desk? That’s my work-study job on campus. The Reserve Desk is a place in the library where professors put certain books on reserve for their courses and students can borrow them for a 2-4 hour period, and my job is to man the desk and assist these students when they come in to borrow/return/renew books. But in between it’s also where I get to do homework without distractions from friends or food or naps.

What do you think is Wesleyan’s hidden gem?

– Me
– The books shelved in the Olin stacks. I’ve found books here that I couldn’t find in Vietnam, or Kinokuniya Singapore (largest bookstore in Southeast Asia for 10 years until 2007).
– The gender neutral bathroom in Fisk Hall after 5pm

What would you say to people interested in applying to the Freeman Asian Scholarship?

It is worth it. People like to ask me how it’s been and how I’m liking it so far a lot, and every time I uhh and ahh and they think I’m not impressed or I don’t like it, but that’s just because I’m a social retard who doesn’t know how to talk. And also because Wesleyan has been exactly what I want and expected, so there’s really not much to say. Honestly I’m just grateful to be here.

 IMG_3513 copy

Where is your favourite place to do schoolwork?

Second floor of Olin Library. Although I also do a lot of my work in my room either on my desk or on my bed. (And occasionally on Wilson’s floor)

What do you think is Wesleyan’s hidden gem? 

Russell House. Definitely Russell House. It’s the big, old, white house on the corner of Washington and High. Very beautiful interior. Very well preserved. (It’s also a National Historic Landmark so you should definitely check it out) But upper-classmates say it’s haunted so beware.

What do you do when you miss home?

I call my family and ask them how they’re doing. I also like to make tea (with tea leaves, not tea bags) that I brought from home.

What has been your favourite experience so far at Wesleyan?

I don’t really have a “favourite” experience just yet, but the most interesting experience that I’ve had so far was witnessing the total lunar eclipse on Foss Hill. Lots of people came and they even clapped at the peak of the eclipse. It was bizarre but definitely something that I will always remember.


On a lovely and temperate fall day in late October, FASA organized an apple-picking trip at Lyman Orchards, about half an hour away from Wesleyan campus. The trip was open to the Wesleyan public and many non-FASA members came along for the ride.

The sun was shining brightly as we reached our destination, and hills of orange hue surrounded all around, making for a stunning view with the best colors of fall.


Blood red apples hung temptingly from the branches of the apple trees, ripe for the picking. What a treat it was to reach out, pluck an apple, and sink into the sweetness, juice dribbling down our chins!

12189387_1175251585836748_1187563274116978848_o 12186852_1175251649170075_3153524652122115669_o

Here are some photos of the participants enjoying themselves:

12186814_1175251582503415_8371049094008105721_o 12182438_1175251735836733_5574757242939799140_o


We returned with stomachs and bags full of apples, fresh air in our lungs, and happiness in our hearts, all blessings of Mother Nature’s rich bounty.



Written by Justin Liew ‘18

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