Angelica Cucueco | Philippines

Prospective Major: Film and Psychology

Involved in: Cardinal Pictures, Spoon University, Pinoy, and works for University Relations

Jamie Cheng | Taiwan

Prospective Major: Psychology

Minor: Educational Studies

Involved in: Terp, kpop, outing club, Wesleyan Christian Fellowship

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Jeff Kin Wai Cheung | Hong Kong

Prospective Major:

Involved in:

Do Hyeok Jeon | South Korea

Major: Physics

I am in a research group in physics, and I am working as a TA for Korean classes.


Sandy Kanjanakuha | Thailand

Major: College of Social Studies

I’m involved with IMS, the Outreach Program, and FASA Exco

Riho Kawamoto | Japan

Major: College of Letters (and potentially Sociology)

I’m in Wesleyan Kpop Dance Crew and Kai Entrepreneurship.

Yuke Kirana | Indonesia

Prospective Major: Earth and Environmental Science (E&ES) and Environmental Studies

I was in K-Pop Dance Crew, and I was a lab assistant in Professor Donald Oliver’s lab (MB&B) and now I am doing summer research with Professor Dana Royer on Climate Sensitivity in Geologic Past. I was also in a newly formed club called WesWhale lol

Tsun Lok Kwan | Singapore

Prospective Majors: Computer Science

I’ll be TA-ing a computer science class in the fall and I’ve also been doing research in the QAC. It’s a bit of a misnomer because it’s not really what the QAC generally does, which is usually more of straightforward statistics. My work is on supervised text segmentation of news reports. I also exercise and watch a lot of movies!

Hayley (Yu) Qin | PRC

Majors: College of Letters and Computer Science

On campus I am definitely involving in our Freeman events! Always so impressed by other Freeman’s engagement on international student affairs and their own areas of passion. For me, I have played cello in Wesleyan Orchestra for a year and I enjoy our five concerts so much! Also, I have participated in other music events singing and playing instruments. I also have an “exhausting” but rewarding work as a theater technician at the Theater Department, where I talked to a lot of artists and made a bunch of great worldwide friends! A very memorable moment was when my Chinese friends and I were making dumplings at a senior house in Middletown during the Chinese Spring Festival. We enjoyed our time with local seniors so much~! A specially honored job for me is a student intern on this year’s reunion and commencement, where I witnessed a lot of great seniors’ graduation. Truly happy to get to know all the wonderful people at Wes, which will keep being my long-time engagement on campus lol~

Andy Tan | Malaysia

Prospective Major: Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences

While prospecting the fields of biology and earth and environmental sciences, I enjoy dance, music, fossil-collecting, taxonomy, yoga, language, tree-climbing, voyaging, stargazing, Glyptodoning, et cetera. I have been a natural history fanatic working in our very own JWP museum in Exley Level 4, a prop designer for a Second Stage production as well as a theater technician for the CFA. I also sing in the Wesleyan Concert Choir, beekeep at Lone Lane, and shell along the Atlantic Coast.

Jess (Khanh) Tran | Vietnam

Prospective Major: Economics