Philippe Gene Bungabong | Philippines

Hey there! I am Philippe from the Philippe-ines. I love to sing, write songs, and do karaoke (very Filipino of me, I know); I try to be funny, too, sometimes (the key word is ‘try’). Currently pursuing Wesleyan’s 3-2 dual degree program with Columbia, I am studying Economics, Data Analysis, and Financial Engineering. I usually sleep at around 3 in the morning, so I am almost always totally down for late-night philosophical, comical, or nonsensical conversations—whichever happens to float your boat. Looking forward to meeting you at Wes! #RollCards

Shirmai Chung | Hong Kong

哈囉 (hello)! I’m interested in Wes’ Environmental Studies major and passionate about all things related to a sustainable future. Going zero waste and low impact are therefore some of the sustainable movements I follow. Also, I love to cook. Should you end up in Wes, you’ll get a taste of it!

Shawn (Hsuan-Hung) Lin | Taiwan

Hi~ My name is Shawn Lin from Taiwan. I will probably major in natural sciences but I haven’t decided yet. I’m most interested in biochemistry. Classical music is my favorite, and I just started to learn violin recently. BIG Harry Potter fan, Adele fan and musicals fan. Oh I went cycling around Taiwan in 9 days this summer, it was a great experience (despite extremely tiring). Can’t wait to go to Wesleyan!

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Chunyue Ma | PRC

My name is Ma Chunyue and I am from China. I am 20 years old :). I am not sure about what to study in the future but I am very interested in the neuroscience so it could be one of my potential majors. I used to do traditional Chinese painting but don’t have much time for it now. I also love movies and reading a lot!!!! I am a very keen Chinese Drama performer and I have been performing for 4 consecutive years. As for sports, I like doing many different kinds of sports but I am not very good at a particular one. Although I am from my school’s swimming club, I am not a very strong swimmer.

Shoko Narasaki | Japan
Hi, I’m Shoko and I’m a Freeman Asian Scholar of Class 2020 from Japan! I’ve spent most of my life in Tokyo, but I’ve lived in Singapore (for 3+ years) and Italy (for 2 years) too.
I’m planning to double major in SISP and Biology. My interests include classical/jazz music, art history, photography, film etc.

Anna Nguyen | Vietnam

Xin chào! My full Vietnamese name is Nguyen Mai Ngoc Anh, but please call me Anna for short. I am keen on taking CSS and CEAS as my potential majors and also looking at the three-year option. Social justice and international politics are my top priorities hence I can get emotional talking about certain political topics from time to time (so please excuse me when that does happen!) I love watching Madam Secretary, The West Wing and The Newsroom, as well as some Korean dramas. I look forward to tailoring an exciting and vibrant academic and social life at Wes!

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Tanya Phanich | Thailand

Prospective Majors:

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Shivanuja Ramkumar | Singapore

Hello! I’m Shiva from Singapore. As of right now, I’m interested in possibly studying Music and the Theory certificate here at Wes! I love everything about music and what I listen to changes just about every week. I also love reading and having long conversations about books and life and politics and religion and art and just about anything else. Like all self-respecting Singaporeans, I love food; I have an unhealthy addiction to Indomie but I do love cooking too.

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Franklin Ribli | Indonesia

Prospective Majors:

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Dabin Shin | South Korea
Hi! I’m Dabin. Gosh, honestly I have no clue of what I want to do.
It could be musical theater, philosophy, or neuroscience.
I guess I’ll find out!
I love cooking, weekend naps, making snow angels, and binge eating chocolate.
Would love to see you at Wes:)

Tan Hong Xuan | Malaysia

Hi! I am Hong Xuan from Malaysia. I am interested in an English/Philosophy Double Major to best prepare myself for the advancement of the academic milieu of my politically nascent country. I am deeply interested in literary discussions, linguistic minutiae, historical eccentricities, and the discovery of abstruse words. (Great Fun) My musical passion is manifested in the form of piano playing and improvisation while occasionally fading into the background of the spotlight as a double bassist.