Frederick Corpuz | Philippines

Majors: Computer Science

Minors: Data Analytics

I am a tutor and researcher at the Quantitative Analysis Center – hold drop-in hours and work on detecting plagiarism in text data. Also, I am a board member at Kai Entrepreneurship Wesleyan wherein I lead trips of Wes students to visit companies and meet alumni in tech and social entrepreneurship. In my free time, I enjoy cooking meals with my friends, binge-watching comedy on Netflix and playing basketball.

Jaye Jeong | South Korea

Majors: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MB&B) and Neuroscience and Behavior (NS&B)

Minor: QAC Data Analysis

I am currently working in Professor Naegele’s lab, which studies epilepsy in mouse model. More specifically, I am studying protein called NLGN2 which is thought to contribute to the formation or remodeling of synapse during nervous system development.

Outside of academics, I do some Kpop time to time and help translate Korean documents to English and vice versa. Most of the time, however, I will be working in Olin or Usdan front desk.


Jake Kwang Yi Jie | Singapore

Majors: Computer Science and Economics

Minor: Data Analysis

Activities: Committee of Investor Responsibility, Peer Career Advisor at Gordon Career Center, Course Assistant (CS), Peer Tutor (Econ)

Past activities: University Relations, Librarian, Intramural soccer


Wisly Juganda | Indonesia

Majors: Psychology and Mathematics

Things I’m involved in: School Museum, IMS, FASA (lol), the Observatory, Kpop Dance

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Yuhsuan Liu | Taiwan


Involved in:


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Zheng Mao | PRC 


Involved in:


Mai Anh Tran | Vietnam

Majors: Economics and French Studies

Certificate: International Relations

I’m a part of choir and an Economics TA. I’m planning to join Terpsicore next semester!

Fumiko Nago | Japan


Involved in:



Josh Ng | Hong Kong

Majors: English and Economics

Minor: Data Analysis

I’m a research assistant for Professor Khamis as well as a member of the Wesleyan Mock Trial Team (which ranks within the top 50 in the nation)

Bright Sajirat Palakarn | Thailand

Majors: College of Social Studies and History

On campus I am a co-chair of the Asia Rising Cooperative and a member of the Honor Board. I’m also a Junior and would like to focus on Southeast Asian History and Politics in the future. And last but not least my name is Sajirat Palakarn, but call me Bright.

Yu Kai Tan | Malaysia

Majors: Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Anthropology

Tan Yu Kai has been combing the shores and hills of Penang, Malaysia for natural curiosities since his childhood. The invigorating prospect of triple majoring in Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, and Anthropology compels him to continue constructing narratives around otherwise inaccessible works of academia. He spends his time tending to beehives on Long Lane Farm, working in the Wesleyan’s Natural History Museum, operating the 24″ Reflector in the observatory and frolicking with plants. Exploration never ceases in his life – stargazing, mineral collecting, horticulture, hiking, scuba diving, painting, jewelry making, tree-climbing, Deinotheriuming &c.