Olivia Cai | PRC

Major: Economics and Film

Things involved in: oh god I feel like I am just all over the place…theatre, film, WSA


Zach Do | Vietnam

Major: Psychology, College of East Asian Studies

Campus things: FASA Executive Committee, Olin Library student worker


Sara Kim | Japan

Major: Art History

Minors: Data Analysis and College of East Asian Studies

I’m involved in Davison Art Center as a curatorial intern and as a student board of FDAC.


Wilson Lai | Hong Kong

Major: Film Studies

What does Wilson do on campus: Film Board, Cardinal Pictures, Lucid Color Collective, Club Tennis Team



William Lin | Taiwan

Majors: Math, Molecular Biology

Involved in: Chinese Music Ensemble, Math Tutorship, Film, Etson Lab research, Go-Home club, etc etc etc




Teresa Naval | Philippines

Majors: Theatre, Science in Society Program

Works for Usdan Operations!


Pi Songkuntham | Thailand

Major: Computer Science

I support women in computing and TA many computer science classes.


Amira Leila S. | Indonesia

Major: Philosophy (Social Justice Track)

Certificate: South Asia Studies

I’m involved in student-run film and theatre productions, I sing for the a cappella group Quasimodal, I work as a sound technician in the Center for the Arts and as a campus tour guide , and I also make coffee at Usdan cafe!

Han Yang Tay | Singapore

Majors: Psychology, Computer Science

I stare at MRI scans in the MINDLab as a research assistant and try to figure out how the mind enables us to create music. When I get stuck though, I escape to the music studios with my guitar and jam with my friends.

Also, Amanda and I are in the midst of designing a student forum “Deep Neural Networks” for the coming fall semester! I used to be a tutor in the Center of Prison Education, which is something I hope I’ll be able to find time for again during my senior year.

Gayon Yang | South Korea

Major: Anthropology

Things I’m involved on campus: This is a very difficult question to answer, in fact. I try to get myself involved in as many things as possible – life is short, why not try everything and anything while I am alive! But in general, I am just a person who likes to goof around 😉


Amanda Yeoh | Malaysia

Major: Economics

Minor: Data Science

I help organize the Homecoming and Reunion/Commencement Weekends and am a Peer Career Advisor. In my free time I run, bike and hike (all the things I never would have said in my freshman year).