Current Scholars

This is a simple list of all current Freeman scholars. For more detailed information on each Freeman scholar, look under the ‘Current Scholars’ tab and click on a class year (project still in progress).

Hannah Ang 2016 Philippines Economics
Kotaro Aoki 2016 Japan Philosophy, American Studies
Victor Goh 2016 Singapore CSS
Michelle Han 2016 South Korea Government
Josephine Ho 2016 Malaysia MB&B, SISP
AJ Jiranaphawiboon 2016 Thailand Mathematics, Economics
Tony Lee 2016 Taiwan Sociology
Amanda Li 2016 Hong Kong Film Studies, Government
Tuan Nguyen 2016 Vietnam Mathematics, Economics
Eki Ramadhan 2016 Indonesia Government, Economics
Charles Wang 2016 PRC Government, FGSS
Asad Hassanali 2017 Singapore CSS, Economics
Cindy Horng 2017 Thailand Economics, French Studies
Hans How 2017 Malaysia Economics, Film Studies
Alison Lam 2017 Hong Kong Psychology
Lin Lee 2017 South Korea Economics
Maria Ma 2017 PRC Classics
Austin Pham 2017 Vietnam Film Studies
Mika Reyes 2017 Philippines Economics, Psychology
Shingo Umehara 2017 Japan Philosophy
Jason Wangsadinata 2017 Indonesia Mathematics, Music, Computer Science
Roxie Chuang 2017 Taiwan Psychology
Krid Akepanditaworn 2018 Thailand
Shizuha Hatori 2018 Japan
Justin Liew 2018 Malaysia
Vivian Liu 2018 Taiwan
Stefan Luk 2018 Hong Kong CSS
Carlo Medina 2018 Philippines
Yao Ong 2018 Singapore COL
Jiyoon Park 2018 South Korea
Aqila Putri 2018 Indonesia
Duong Vu 2018 Vietnam
Shang Xu 2018 PRC
Olivia Cai 2019 PRC
Zach Do 2019 Vietnam
Sara Kim 2019 Japan
Wilson Lai 2019 Hong Kong
William Lin 2019 Taiwan
Teresa Naval 2019 Philippines
Pi Songkuntham 2019 Thailand
Amira Suntana 2019 Indonesia
Han Yang Tay 2019 Singapore
Gayon Yang 2019 South Korea
Amanda Yeoh 2019 Malaysia


  1. Hi,

    I am a senior student at Taipei Girls High School in Taiwan. I have applied to Wesleyan University and Freeman Scholars Program. I am very nervous and would like to know your experience about the possible interview at my home country. Would it be possible that any of you can send me an email so that I will be able to ask few questions? Thank you very much.

    Hung-Hsiu Lai(Jodi)

  2. Pamela Espellarga

    May 24, 2017 at 7:25 am

    Good day!

    I am a grade 10 student from the Philippines and I am interested in applying for a Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship. I would just like to ask if it is possible for a grade 10 student to apply now even though I still haven’t graduated from high school?

    Yours Truly,
    Pamela Espellarga

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