The Alumni Network
The first class of Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholars (Class of 1999) enrolled in Wesleyan in September of 1995.  As of September of 2011, there are a total of 253 Freeman Alumni Scholars, many of them leaders in their own fields in various parts of the world.

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Current Students

Public and Alumni Relations Committee (PARC)
With such a large and diverse network, PARC strives to ensure the continuous engagement of alumni, the university, and the community. PARC works to maintain an active database of alumni, with frequent updates delivered to members to keep everyone updated and in touch. The creation of the alumni database allows members of FASA to keep in contact with fellow graduated scholars, as well as for current undergraduates to have access to alumni resources and advice.

FASA Career Panel
Each year, PARC plans the FASA Career Panel during Homecoming and Family Weekend, where alumni are invited back to Wesleyan to share their valuable experiences after Wesleyan with the current Freeman Asian Scholars.

Public Engagement
PARC also plans and executes publicity and public relations matters relating to FASA in so doing drawing greater attention to the FASA community and its work.


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    After reading everything I’m really interested in Wesleyan!!!
    But I can’t find any information about how to attend this school and the way to get the scholarships
    Need help a lot!!!!
    I’m in the last year of the senior and looking foward if I could have the chance.
    Thanks a lot.

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