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FASA Picnic Brunch


Sunday is study day for Wesleyan students, and brunch is life’s sweet distraction when the workweek is nigh. Freeman scholars gathered on the cool morning of October 13 at German Haus to enjoy a delectable, indulgent brunch in good company before heading to their study spots.

Scholars enjoying their meals

Scholars enjoying their meals

All kinds of food — everything from Indian to German, were prepared and served by the FASA family. In total, 18 Freeman and FASA Scholars were present at the event.

Kotaro Aoki '16 getting food

Kotaro Aoki ’16 getting food

Grapes and kartoffelsalat are just two of various foods served during the brunch

Grapes and kartoffelsalat are just two of various foods served during the brunch

We would like to send our warmest gratitude to German Haus which provided us a space to enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning and some delicious home cooked meals. Danke schön! Also, thank you for everyone who gave up sleeping in to come to the picnic :)

Potluck and Elections Fall 2013

FASA Potluck and Elections, Fall 2013

It has become a tradition for Freeman Scholars to get together at the beginning of the school year to enjoy some good company of other scholars who have just returned to campus and of those who have just started their studies at Wesleyan, over delectable home-cooked meals prepared by the members and friends of FASA. This semester, our potluck and elections were held on Saturday, September 14 2013, at Allbritton 311.

Some member of Class of 2014 — Angela Lo, Bohao Zhou, Gena Yoo, Lin Arttachariya, and Paul Hanakata,  together with Professor Alice Hadler

Some member of Class of 2014 — Angela Lo, Bohao Zhou, Gena Yoo, Lin Arttachariya, and Paul Hanakata, together with Professor Alice Hadler

The evening also served as a momentous occasion for current FASA members to elect five new members of the Executive Committee (Exco) to serve for the entire academic year of 2013-2014. It is with a great excitement to welcome the following people onto the Exco:

Chun Kit Ng '15 and Julian Theseira '14 — current co-chairs of FASA

Chun Kit Ng ’15 and Julian Theseira ’14 — current co-chairs of FASA


Chun Kit Ng ‘15


Mikaela Reyes ‘17

Financial Affairs Committee

AJ Jiranaphawiboon ‘16

Public and Alumni Relations Committee

Michelle Hahn ‘16

Social Affairs Committee

Eki Ramadhan ‘16

On behalf of the FASA community, we would like to extend our warmest thank yous to the outgoing Exco members: Gena Yoo ’14, Hannah Ang ’16, Tuan Nguyen Viet ’16, Rizky Rahadianto ’15, and Kaito Abe ’15 for their excellent service and dedication over the past year.

Exco members from Spring 2013

Exco members from Spring 2013

The Freeman potluck and elections, with all the delicious varieties of food, were a huge success. The evening culminated in a discussion in which all the Freeman Scholars had the chance to ponder upon and express their ideas on the association and the scholarship program.

Discussion about FASA conducted in some small groups

Discussion about FASA conducted in some small groups

We would send our sincerest gratitude to Professor Alice Hadler who helped us pay tribute to the late Mr. and Mrs. Freeman. We also want to send a special thank you to John and Gina Driscoll for the delicious food and uplifting stories that they shared during the event.

Some members of Class of 2017

Class of 2017 — youngest members of FASA family!

FASA Freshmen Orientation Meet and Greet

On August 27th, FASA organized a meet and greet gathering for the FASA’17!

We had a great time getting to know all of the freshmen and introducing ourselves. It was a lovely start of the semester!

Let’s welcome our new members:

Mikaela Reyes from THE PHILIPPINES
Roxie Chuang from TAIWAN
Asad Hassanali from SINGAPORE
Han Ming How “Hans” from MALAYSIA
Austin Pham from VIETNAM
Jason Wangsadinata from INDONESIA
Cindy Horng from THAILAND
Alison Lam from HONG KONG
Maria Ma from CHINA
Shingo Umehara from JAPAN
and Hyerin Lee from KOREA

Here are some photos of the new (and old) faces:IMG_9629 Co-chair Ga Eun Yoo’14 gave a short speech about FASA.






Photo creds: Eki Ramadhan’16

Special thanks to German Haus for providing the space for us!

Tea Time with Professor Schwarcz

On April 16, 2013, Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies invited the Freeman Asian scholars on campus to tea with her in the Freeman East Asian Studies Center to discuss the current state of the Freeman Asian Scholar program and its future. Turnout was good, as  26 of Freeman scholars, from varying class years and different countries attended. The conversation was very fruitful, and Professor Schwarcz shared many valuable insights about the program and ideas for future projects. The topics discussed were as follows:

I)  The Contributions of Freeman Scholars

Professor Schwarcz complimented Freeman Scholars on their intelligence and creativity and believe they made valuable contributions to her classes.

II) History of the Freeman Asian Scholar Program

Professor Schwarcz shared how Mansfield Freeman, who lived during a time of weakened US-China relations saw a need to reconnect the USA with China and Asia in order for the West to learn about Asia. Hence, he provided support to Wesleyan’s East Asian Studies program.

Meanwhile Houghton “Buck” Freeman, Mr. Mansfield’s son who was born and grew up in Asia, had a vision of how much Asian countries would benefit from their youth receiving a liberal arts education as rigorous as the one he received at Wesleyan. He thus set up the Freeman Foundation and started the Freeman Asian Scholarship program to provide scholarships to outstanding students from 11 different East and Southeast Asian countries.

III) Aims of the Freeman Asian Scholar Program

a)    Cultivating young Asian leaders capable of critical thinking and knowledgeable about America.

b)   Providing these young Asian leaders with the opportunity to broaden their personal and intellectual horizons through a liberal arts education  at Wesleyan and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to effectively serve their homelands in the future.

c)    To enhance the cultural and intellectual diversity of the Wesleyan student body.

IV) Current Challenges

Professor Schwarcz shared about some of the current challenges the program is facing, such as the financial sustainability  of the program in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis.

V) Cultivating Allies

Professor Schwarcz stressed the need to cultivate allies of the Freeman Asian Scholarship program, both on campus and off, who could contribute in various ways to the future sustainability of the program.

VI) Freeman Alumni Engagement

Professor Schwarcz emphasized the importance of cultivating relations with Freeman Asian scholar alumni. Some of the suggestions on how to do so were:

a)    WeSeminars presented by people connected to the Freeman program

b)   Alumni newsletter

VII) 20th Anniversary of the Freeman Asian scholar program

The Freeman program will be turning 20 in Fall 2015! Professor Schwarcz suggested producing a souvenir book to commemorate the occasion. The book should be well designed and can incorporate submissions from alumni. Preparations for the 20th anniversary should commence now. The 20th anniversary can be a cause around which to rally Freeman alumni support and reengage them actively.

DSC03275 DSC03254  DSC03282_smaller

Minute taken by Hannah Ang ’16, edited by Julian Theseira ’14

FASA’s Karaoke Event!

March 30th, 2013

This semester, FASA Exco is trying to be creative with events. On 3/30, we organized the very first FASA Karaoke night! More than 25 members, even several senior thesis writers, attended this 3 hours long singing event. Thank you AAA for providing the space!

Thanks to Victor Goh’15, our karaoke set up expert, we were able to have a great time together!  We had:

  1. Three wireless microphones 
  2. A remote control system to select numerous songs
  3. Songs of ANY language, ANY period!
  4. Screen displaying upcoming songs
  5. Speakers with bass for background music

Here are some highlights of the event:


Yummy snacks prepared by Exco


Our lovely sophomore and freshmen


Francis ’13 (Taiwan) and Hannah ’16 (Philippines)


Gavin ’13 (Singapore) came for his favorite singer Anita Mui


Abraham ’13(Malaysia) and Victor ’16 (Singapore) sang along while managing the karaoke station (not an easy task)


Chun Kit ’15 (Malaysia), Tony ’16 (Taiwan), Tuan ’16 (Vietnam) and Kotaro ’16 (Japan) had a great time singing together


All of our Filipino Freemans (Reese’ 13, Marianna ’15, Leo ’14 and Hannah ’16) came… Filipinos truly LOVE karaoke


Taiwanese (Leslie ’15 and Tony ’16) also had a great time singing 五月天!


Current Co-Chair (Ga Eun ’14) and our beloved previous Co-Chair (Lin ’14) decided to sing Skyfall together


The last song…


We had a great time with our FASA friends and it was fun singing in so many languages (Mandarin, Japanese, Malay etc).  Thank you for coming! We hope to organize it again next year!

Stay tuned for our next special event (it’s going to be unexpected!)

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