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FASA & Friends Karaoke Night

On 4/11, a Saturday night, the FASA community gathered with their friends at Triple A for a fun night of karaoke. With 40+ people and 50+ songs, we filled the house with singing, chatting, and laughter from 9:00 PM all the way until 12:30… Not to mention all the fun with Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros! Check some pictures below:


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Finally, a big shout out to Victor Goh, one of the co-chairs of ExCo, for providing the karaoke equipment. Book your own karaoke event at

Thanks for coming and we hope to see you again soon!

FASA Late Night 2.0

On March 1st, 2015, we organized the FASA Late Night 2.0 to raise money for the Freeman-Driscoll scholarship fund. The event was held in front of Science Library at Exley Science Center. Fortunately, because of the newly-added furniture in the lobby, our customers had more comfortable places to enjoy the food and fuel their night. We served Indomie, dumplings, honey soy chicken, Thai iced tea, and hot chocolate. We managed to raise $419 that night, thanks to all Wesleyan community who participated and bought food from us! Check out the pictures of the event below!










Spring 2015 Election and Potluck

New semester, new ExCo members! The Freeman Asian Scholarship Association organized Spring 2015 election on January 30th at Allbritton Penthouse. The event started with the election itself, and after that Gina Driscoll gave an update on the upcoming FASA’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.16354645140_5eec83727d_z

16541113662_f3cdd5b697_zHere is the new Executive Committees Spring 2015:

Co-Chairs                               : Mikaela Helene O Reyes and Victor Jin Chieh Goh

Secretary                                : Shingo Umehara

Financial Affairs Committee : Carlo Medina and Eki Ramadhan

Social Affairs Committee      : Vivian Liu and Aqila Putri

Public and Alumni Relations Committee : Hans Ming How and Nguyen Viet Anh Tuan

Unlike the Fall 2014 election and potluck, this potluck’s theme seemed to be desserts: banana bread, apple crisp, tofu cake, donuts, fruits—we came home high on sugar and spirit! Many of us stayed until pretty late to catch up with our friends after the Winter Break. It feels good to be back to Wesleyan!


FASA Career Panel

       Five Freeman Scholar Alumni joined the Freeman Asian Scholars Association at

Downey House on the day of the 20th Anniversary Freeman Scholars Banquet

Dinner to share their experiences at Wesleyan and beyond.

       Freeman Scholars, FASA Scholars, Freeman Scholar alumni and friends

attended the career panel consisting of Steven Tan ’00, Chitra Wadhwani ’02,

Lily Lung Grant ’02, Brian Lau ’12, Han Hsien Liew ’12. The panel was

moderated by Anand Gopalan ’09.

       Anand, the moderator, asked each panelist questions pertaining to life after

graduation, the value of the Freeman Scholarship, the merits of Wesleyan’s

liberal arts education, and the various experiences related to their careers.

       Steven graduated from Wesleyan with a major in Math-Economics and worked in

investment banking before going to Harvard Business School. He spoke about

the various people who have helped him obtain his first job, and highlighted the

effectiveness of cold calling and networking, an advice graciously heeded by the

upperclassmen present in the audience that day.

       Chitra, a producer for CBS This Morning, spoke about how she secured her

internship with the Charlie Rose show. Due to the difficulty in securing work visas

in the media industry, she recounted her experience of helping her employer to

put together her visa application. She also spoke about the benefits of a liberal

arts education. The intellectual curiosity that she has developed at Wesleyan

from the classes she has taken and the professors whose office hours she has

visited helped her to be highly adaptable at her job and to be able to think

critically about the interdisciplinary issues encountered in the news.

Chitra Wahdwani on the far left

       Brian Lau, who majored in Math-Economics and Psychology at Wesleyan,

currently works as an Investment Banking Analyst for JP Morgan. He recounted

how he secured a summer internship after his junior year through a Wesleyan

alumnus at JP Morgan when he was studying abroad in London. He emphasized

the underrated value of the Wesleyan alumni network, as well as the importance

of perseverance and good attitude when it comes to securing employment.

       Lily Lung, who graduated from Wesleyan with a major in sociology, teaches

music in Glastonbury Public Schools. She highlighted the idea of choosing a

career that you feel passionate about to the audience. She also recounted her

process of obtaining a music teaching certification and how her sociology major

has helped her in her current line of work.

       Han Hsien, who was a double major in CSS and history, is currently a 3rd year

PhD student at Harvard studying History and Middle Eastern Studies. Having

never left academia, he spoke about the reason that academia piqued his

interest. He enjoys undertaking a serious study of theoretical concepts to

understand the core ideas that govern the society and the environment around

him, a study that is not necessarily treated intensely in the corporate world.

       Anand reiterates the importance of networking and tapping into Wesleyan’s

extensive alumni network, before concluding the panel for an informal networking

session among panelists and students. The panel was a great success owing to

the generosity of alumni in giving back to the Freeman family in which they

belong. The day ended with high hopes that mentoring relationships could be

established between alumni and students in the near future.

FASA (Pre)Thanksgiving Feast!

No, that is not the ghost of double Tuan.

Final headcount of 22 Freemans and friends!

If you stayed on campus over Thanksgiving, but you didn’t make it to dinner, you missed out!

Last Wednesday marked the unexpectedly high turn out for the annual Freeman Scholars and Friends Thanksgiving Potluck.  The location was changed from the usual Triple A house, but the company was just as heartfelt as ever!  With foods ranging from the traditional turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce, to beef stir-fry, noodles, and tapioca pearls, the potluck was a truly an international (ha!) feast, and a great chance for busy students to spend quality time together.  You may be far away from home, but here you’re never far away from your family.

Now should we talk or play spin the bottle?

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