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FASA Welcomes Class of 2019

On September 6th 2015, FASA held a Freeman Reception 2015 for Freeman Scholars class of 2019. The event itself was a part of the New Students Orientation, and was held at the Asian/Asian American House lawn.


The Freeman Reception 2015 was mostly a welcoming event where the freshmen could get to know a little bit about the sophomores, juniors, seniors, and FASA in general. FASA ExCo provided chips and drinks to snack on, and Tuan, senior from Vietnam, lead the icebreaker games.

Here is the list of FASA’s newest members:

Wilson Lai — Hong Kong
Amira Suntana — Indonesia
Sara Kim — Japan
Teresa Naval — Philippines
Amanda Yeoh — Malaysia
Ziran Cai — PRC
Gayon Yang — South Korea
Han Yang Tay — Singapore
Wei Lan Lim — Taiwan
Pi Songkuntham — Thailand
Giap Do — Vietnam



This Saturday, we are going to have our first potluck of the semester and Fall 2016 election! There are 7 open positions in the ExCo, and we cannot wait to have new ExCo members to work with us this semester!

Check out this short video from the Reception event:

YouTube Preview Image

FASA Class of 2018 Freshman Features #5

The final post in this series. We hope that you’ve enjoyed these blog posts this semester and please look forward to more next semester!

Louis Carlo Medina — Philippines


  • Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

I used to hobo in some pockets of Exley. I found those places really chill but the new benches has left me displaced. In general, anywhere with ambient noise works perfectly well for me. As I always tell Stefan, SCILI >> OLIN. Oh, the well-coveted nooks in Allbritton are also great spots to do work.

  • What is your plan for this last half of spring semester that can only be done during this period?

In increasing level of urgency:
-Roll down Foss.
-Wear 3S: Shirt, Shorts, Slippers outside.

  • Do you have a plan on what classes you are going to take next year?

Yes. But I pray that may the pre-reg odds be ever in our favor. Pre-reg is as unpredictable as the quality of Chicken Kebab in Summerfields.

  • Something that makes you really sad this semester?

That in a few weeks, it would be illegal to use the word Freshman when I talk about myself. And MORE importantly, that my points won’t get carried over next semester.

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

The cleanest toilet on campus is located under Zelnick Pavilion. Most private too. Have it your way without anyone judging you. Just keep it as it is.


Vivian Liu — Taiwan

照片 (1)

  • Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

In my dorm! Where food is available and so is my borrowed 3DS and my music and… other stuff not exactly related to schoolwork. If I need to focus intensely I go to Olin. (But in all seriousness, the Nics are awesome — somehow we just seem to have 24/7 quiet hours.)

  • Biggest culture shock?

People… put… their shoes… in the washer… along with their clothes?! (That might have been a one-time thing but the things you find in your dorm-mates’ washers and dryers in general are… interesting.)

  • What is your favorite food at Wes?

S&C FOOD. Seriously, go for that first three freshmen free meal. CHERISH YOUR CHANCES WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. It’s a class of 150 people, but somehow you still get the individual attention — around 10 students went on a movie trip once, and despite most of us having never talked to Professor Plous, he managed to name us all. It’s just a very, very unique classroom experience in general. I love it so much that I’m TA-ing for it next year so definitely take it!

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

Bring food. Bring lots of food. You will miss Asian food. There will be no good Asian food available. Make friends with upperclassmen who will make Asian food for you.

John Xu — China


  • What are some things that you would totally recommend bringing from home to Wes?

Posters, maps and other really big things you could hang on a wall. It just feels sad when the other American kid brings half of his house in and your part of the room is just whitewashed wall.

  • Biggest culture shock?

People greeting each other a lot. I mean, A LOT.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

Latin. Got a nice ring to it. Might be a preconception on my part but it doesn’t get more liberal arts than sitting in a small conference room chatting with a wise old prof about Rome and uttering Latin phrases like a philosopher does.

  • What is your favorite food at Wes?

Pasta. The chef guy is really funny and he’s really great at it.

  • What is your favorite building at Wes?

Exley. Believe or not, I’m often a bit unsettled by the museum-like, historic-feeling architecture on American campuses. Exley Center just reminds me of the good old unassuming steel-gray concrete cubes back in China and that makes me feel warm inside. Also because it’s the science building.

FASA Class of 2018 Freshman Features #4

Aqila Listya Putri — Indonesia


  • What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your sleeping/Netflix time?

Econ research paper, Government research paper, and Entrepreneurship business model presentation.

  • What is your summer plan?

I’m waiting for confirmation for an internship back in Jakarta! If everything works as I hope it will, I’ll be learning a lot about human trafficking during my internship.

  • What do you do when you miss home?

Telling myself that I should be grateful with all the opportunities I get here at Wes and start bombarding my sister with silly LINE stickers

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t be afraid to ask. Ask your friends, professors, school administrator, everyone. (and don’t forget to check in early if you want to work at Olin)


Duong  Vu — Vietnam


  • What do you do when you miss home?

I silently weep in the closet.

Just kidding, having great friends here makes me feel like home, so it offsets that feeling quite a lot.

  • Something that makes you really happy this semester?

Besides having awesome company, probably discovering my real passion and them tasty banana bread loafs in WesShop.

  • Have you attended performances at Wes? What is your favorite (or two) performance(s)?

A piano performance by Kim Cheol Woong, a talented North Korean artist who defected from the country to pursue his passion. Wonderful to listen to not only his music, but also his amazing story of dedication and perseverance.

And the Winter Dance last semester by Wes students (Aqila!). First time seeing contemporary dance live, for me, and it was confusingly and breathtakingly mind-blowing.

  • Biggest culture shock?

Sparkling water. Just, why..?

  • What is your favorite class so far?

Drawing I with Julia Randall. You really get to improve your skills in this class; so interesting a class because it forces you to fail repeatedly and, most of the time, miserably and learn from those mistakes. Also, the professor deserves every compliment. She’s knowledgeable, straightforward, constructive, and funny too. Class has never had a down moment thanks to her energy. Anyone can take it, even those who have no idea how to draw (much like I was on entering the class), and just enjoy the experience.


Trip to Sleeping Giant Mountain

After months of horrid winter, the weather has finally turned for the better! Over 20 enthusiastic people took advantage of the perfect sunny weather by going on a hike to Sleepy Giant State Park. The hike was held on Apr 18, Saturday, and was co-sponsored by the Freeman Asian Scholars Association (FASA) and Outhouse.

Despite the early meeting time, most participants were already assembled at10am in Outhouse. Posse Scholars and QuestBridge Scholars counted among the participants, and the event served to enable different communities to interact with one another. After a brief introductory session, we were quickly scooted off to our destination – Sleepy Giant!

Near Quinnipiac University, the mountain is a popular hiking spot for students and residents living in the region. Many hikers were seen at the foot of the mountain ready for their ascend on this wonderful Saturday morning. The heat wasn’t bad at all, and was a nice welcome after the record winter temperatures that plagued the Northeastern region. We could no longer wait! After an hour of climbing and chatting, we soon arrived at the lookout tower at the peak of the mountain. We quickly clambered together to take a group-shot, eager to show how sporty we were.

Despite the sleepy creature that lay below us, we were as energetic as ever throughout the journey. Thank you to everyone who participated in the hike, and we hope to see you all at the next FASA event


Picture and text by Victor Goh

FASA Class of 2018 Freshman Features #3

It’s time for Freshman Features again!

Hui Yao Ong — Singapore


  • Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

Olin–it’s quiet enough that you feel pressured to not cough or sneeze. Or, the lounge in my building, since my friends are there to help me procrastinate.

  • What do you do when you miss home?

Think of how excited I was to come to Wes before freshman fall, and be grateful that I’m here.

  • Biggest culture shock?

People rolling down foss hill. Then I became one of them

  • Give us your Wesleyan first impressions V.S. now!

First impression: people are too cool; Now: ok, maybe only some.

  • How do you spend your weekends?

Pre-game, (maybe) parties, performances, movies, whey station, breakfast pail, procrastination, work, the cycle repeats.


Stefan Luk — Hong Kong


  • What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your sleeping/Netflix time?

Planning to fit two episodes of house of cards into my schedule, then ending up spending two episodes worth of time doing so, then ending up not watching two episodes of house of cards. The struggles.

  • What are some things that you would totally recommend bringing from home to Wes?

Mum, because your lost wes id needs to be found.

  • How do you spend your weekends?

I sleep then its monday again. Let the butchery begin.




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