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Freeman Asian Scholars Dinner Fall 2015

The ground was a sea of yellow and brown, as the merry colors of fall began to fade away into the brilliant whiteness of winter. It was a fine, temperate Saturday evening, the 17th of October, as the Freeman Scholars of Wesleyan gathered for group photos on the steps of the Wesleyan Film Center. While most scholars donned (semi) formal wear, kudos to those who sported colorful traditional costumes from their home countries!


After the photo shoot, the annual Freeman Scholar’s Dinner was held in the warmth of Beckham Hall, Wesleyan University. It was a fancy affair indeed! Smartly­ dressed waiters waltzed around with silver plates of Asian finger food such as sushi, deep­fried spring rolls, and samosas; and drinks were available at an open bar.


After some opening remarks from Barbara­Jan Wilson (Vice President for University Relations) and John Driscoll (the ‘Fight Song Guy’), everyone tucked in to enjoy a scrumptious three­course meal.

DINNER 1 stu_fas_2015-1018145115 RECEPTION 1 stu_fas_2015-1018145012

Every year, the incoming freshman class and outgoing senior class will treat the audience to a performance. The freshmen performance was culturally illuminating and diverse— showcasing Indonesian dance by Amira, Thai music by Pi, Chinese opera by Olivia, and everyone coming together for a grand sing­along in the finale.

YouTube Preview Image

The senior class screened some extremely entertaining videos and performed a skit that involved an investment banking interview, people in large boxes, crudely drawn self­ portraits, and a good dose of philosophical confusion.

YouTube Preview Image

Many Freeman alumni made it to the dinner for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and donated to the Freeman Fund for future scholars. Everyone who donated received a complimentary Polaroid picture for sentimental keepsakes.

Eki and Victor stu_fas_2015-1018145104Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.01.37 PM









The event was a success, and everyone left with smiles on their faces. The fun didn’t end there— an after­party was held at a Freeman seniors’ house that lasted into the wee hours of morning! ‘Eat, drink, and be merry’, as the saying goes, and indeed, who could ask more of life?

Written by Justin Liew

Freeman Scholars Dinner 2013

The 19th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner was held on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at Beckham Hall, Wesleyan University.

The evening began with class and group photos at the Center for the Arts (CFA). Scholars gathered at the World Music Hall before taking beautiful pictures around the CFA complex.

Class of 2017 in traditional costumes.

Class of 2017 in traditional costumes.

Class of 2014.

Class of 2014.

Class of 2015.

Class of 2015.

Class of 2016.

Class of 2016.

The main event of the evening was dinner at Beckham Hall. Following the dinner, scholars from both freshman and senior batches perform in front of all the attendees — a part of our tradition.

Class of 2017 performed first,

Class of 2017 performed first,


Senior performance by Class of 2014.

Bonus: After Party

The fun continued and on Friday, October 25, we had a Freeman Dinner After Party at Asian/Asian-American House. Freeman scholars and friends had fun singing karaoke and playing boardgames. Special thanks to WesKaraoke for making this event a success (don’t forget to like their Facebook page).


Kotaro Aoki '16 and Tony Lee '16.

Kotaro Aoki ’16 and Tony Lee ’16.

Members of Class of 2017 having tons of fun.

Members of Class of 2017 having tons of fun.

FASA and friends singing karaoke.

FASA and friends singing karaoke.

Founder of WesKaraoke, Victor Goh '16, hard at work.

Founder of WesKaraoke, Victor Goh ’16, hard at work.

FASA Annual Dinner 2012 and the After Party

When: October 5th, 2012.

We had an annual Freeman Asian Scholars Association dinner, welcoming Class of 2016 with traditional costumes as well as having a great time with alumni.

It was a beautiful evening, and FASA members and alumni shared their passion as well as their life stories. I had some moments that made me think over again what being a freeman scholar means.

Class of 2016 group picture Class of 2016 in their own traditional clothing


Class of 2015 group pictureClass of 2015 in black and pink


Class of 2014, getting ready to be seniors Class of 2014, getting ready to be seniors.


FASA members and alumniFreeman Asian Scholars and alumni mixed with each other over a fine dinner.


Class of 2012, after their senior performance.Class of 2013, after their senior performance. “I’m proud to be a Freeman Scholar. How about you?”    Thank you always!


Freshman, senior and alumni playing wiiIt’s becoming a tradition… Wii bonding time at the After Party.


From the Annual Dinner to the After Party, Freeman Scholars and FASA alumni had a lot of conversations, and hopefully inspired each other. I hope this tradition of mutual inspiration, including between FASA scholars, keeps being passed down to next generations. This might be what constitutes “a pride to be a Freeman Scholar,” which seniors wanted to tell us.





Freeman Dinner Video is UP!

Taken on the 17th Annual Freeman Dinner, October 6, 2011.

16th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner + After-Party

16th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner
Time: Fri, 8. Oct. 2010 6:00pm
Location: Beckham Hall

FASA’s most-anticipated event of the year, the 16th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner, took place on the evening of October 8th, 2010. Many Freeman Asian Scholars Association members, alumni, Wesleyan faculty, and administration were present to mingle, reunite, and relive their Wesleyan moments. Most importantly, this event was a great opportunity to celebrate all that the Freeman family had generously provided for the Freeman scholars, and the Wesleyan community.  Before the event, all Freeman Asian Scholars Association members of class 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 gathered on the steps of Olin to cherish one of the rare opportunities to meet their friends from different class years, and preserve memory of this great moment on many group photos.

The keynote speaker of the event, President Roth, started the night by a poignant remark on the generosity that Mr. Houghton “Buck” Freeman ’43 and his family have shown toward Wesleyan, and how their gracious contribution had touched and changed the lives of many Freeman scholars. Following President Roth’s remark, the senior and freshman class put on two wonderful skits to showcase their talents, cultures, and Wesleyan experiences. While the skit by the freshman class was a creative interpretation of an old tale, the Sleeping beauty, the skit by the senior class was inspired by the experiences they had at Wesleyan, and pondered about what Freeman Asian Scholars Association members would become in 10 years down the road. Both performances were well received, and engaged the audience throughout the dinner.

On an ending note, the ExCo would like to extend Freeman Asian Scholars Association’s wholehearted gratitude to Gina and John Driscoll, and all who made this wonderful evening possible. To the freshman class: We hope you enjoyed your first Freeman Scholars dinner, and once again, welcome to Wesleyan! To the graduating seniors: Good luck with all your dreams, and you will be missed! We hope you will come back to join us in future Freeman Scholars dinners.


Freeman Dinner After Party
Time: Fri, 8. Oct. 2010 10:00pm
Location: Asian/Asian American House

After the formal Freeman Asian Scholars Association Dinner, Freeman scholars attended the more casual dance and social party. A playlist of popular songs from all over Asia, most of which were requested by Freeman Asian Scholars Association members, served as the night’s music. Overall, it was a successful event which allowed members to socialize with one other.