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FASA Potluck and Elections Fall 2012

Sept 15  FASA Potluck and Election @ AllBriton 311

Freeman Scholars of all batches gathered for a potluck and elected the new committee members. It was an evening full of fun and food as scholars mingled around while enjoying delectable food made by their peers.

Congratulations to the newly elected committee members.

Co-Chair : Gena ’14

Secretary : Hannah ’16

Social Activities Committee : Kaito Abe ’15

Financial Affairs Committee : Tuan ’16

Public Alumni Relations Committee : Rizky ’15


Freeman Scholars Class of 2014

Freeman Scholars Class of 2016

Freeman Scholars Class of 2o13

FASA Exco !

Gavin ’13   Chun Kit ’15   Chi ’13   Jill ’15   Michael ’15

FASA scholars listening attentively to the presentation by Co Chair Abraham


Thank you all for coming and showing your support for FASA. We hope that you guys had as much as fun as we did. FASA would also like to extend gratitude to the committee members who are stepping down this semester. Thank you Lin ’14,  Yu ’13, Jill ’15 and Julian ’14 for contributing to the growth of FASA. The committee will miss you :(

On another note, the Freeman Dinner is coming soon. Some of the graduated seniors from the class of 2012 will be attending as well. We hope to see you guys there and don’t forget to drop by the Freeman Dinner After Party at AAA this friday at 10 pm. It will be a blast !


Potluck and Elections Spring 2012

It is that time of the semester again when the Freeman  scholars gather to enjoy great food and company. Everyone is especially excited to see each other after the long winter break.

New Freeman Asian Scholars Association committee members are elected and they are

Co-chair : Abraham Ngu ’13

Financial Affairs Committee : Bing Xin ’13

Public Alumni Relations Committee : Leslie Lai ’15

Social Activities Committee : Chun Kit Ng ’15

Freeman scholars wait eagerly in line to have a taste of the food prepared by their fellow friends. Food ! Asian food, Western food, Japanese food, you name it, we have it all ! Freeman Scholars display their culinary skills in preparing these delectable dishes ! Newly elected Co-chair Abraham Ngu giving his speech.Freeman Scholars listen attentively as co-chair Lin gives her presentation about elections. 

Signing off with the picture of a happy Han Hsien Liew ’12. :)

Once again, thank you all Freeman scholars for making this event a success. Stay tuned for more  events brought to you by the Freeman Asian Scholars Association.

Potluck and ExCo Elections Fall 2011

Friday, September 16. 2011
The Freeman Asian Scholars Association once again gathered for its Potluck and ExCo Elections, where the class of 2015 was welcomed and introduced to the rest of the Freeman Asian Scholars Association family in typical fashion – with lots of friends and food.
Some of the Freeman Asian Scholars Association class of 2015: Inha, Jill, Chun Kit, Borworn, Kaito, Rizky, Michael and Marianna. (we have more freshmen!)
 It was a great time for scholars from past batches to catch up with one another as some had been abroad the previous semester, and for the freshmen to get to know their upperclassmen better.
There is nothing that unites people as much as food, glorious food, so this was indeed a rousing success.
New Freeman Asian Scholars Association ExCo members were elected, with the posts of Chair and committee Co-chairs being filled after a competitive bid for votes. Below are the members that successfully ran for positions:
Co-chair: Lin Arttachariya
Secretary: Marianna Ilagan
Financial Committee: Yu Vongkiatkajorn
PARC: Julian Theseira
Social Activities: Jill Jie’en Tan
Freeman Asian Scholars Association sat with sincere attention as Co-Chair Chi gave a presentation about election.

FASA Start-of-Semester Potluck / ExCo Elections Fall 2010

Time: Fri, 17. Sept. 2010 6:30pm
Location: Butterfield C Lounge

Freeman Asian Scholars Association had its official potluck with amazing people and food!

With many Freemans of different class year gathering for this great opportunity to catch up after a long summer vacation, we held an election for new Exco co-chairs and welcomed the Class of 2014.

We nominated and voted for new Exco co-chair, secretary, and other co-chairs of subcommittees. The election was indeed competitive; nominees for committee co-chairs presented themselves with eloquent and passionate statements. The result of this animated election bid? Ambitious freshman class filled all the vacancy for committee co-chairs! Most importantly, former secretary Gavin Swee’13 was elected as a new omnipotent co-chair!

After the Exco election, everyone rushed to the array of scrumptious food that all freeman scholars prepared. Sharing food, having a delightful conversation, and taking pictures, we Freeman scholars enjoyed the moment of community.

It is such an honor to have so many talented cooks in our FASA community! yummmmmm


 Our new Exco co-chair Mr. Swee! He seems excited to gain unanimous support of FASA (and of course excited for the food too!)

New sweet Freeman the class of 2014!! From the left: Angela, Bohao, Winston, Julian, GaEun, Huyen, Paul, Michelle, Lin, and Leo.


Special thanks to Gina Driscoll who made heavenly chocolate cookies. I still remember the soft and rich cookie, Gina! And to the Professor Alice Hadler.          Also, special thanks to John Driscoll who always delights us with his sense of humor and advices!

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