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FASA Late Night Donates Proceeds to Environmental Conservation Group


Traditionally, the annual FASA Late Night is where the new first-year class of Freeman Scholars bond together to organize the event, cook and sell food from their home countries, and raise funds to support FASA activities for the academic year. This past Fall 2018 semester, we aimed at using this event to give back to an activist organization from one of the FASA countries in solidarity.

The first-years (Class of 2022), who hosted this year’s Late Night, dedicated 20% of their proceeds to the Indonesian environmental activist group WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia or The Indonesian Forum for the Environment). Specifically, FASA aimed to support WALHI’s activities in providing relief to the people of Palu, Sulawesi who were affected by the September 2018 earthquake and tsunami.

As a result of the funds raised during Late Night, FASA’s Executive Committee (Exco) was able to donate $132.00 to WALHI over winter break. We received a warm email confirming WALHI’s receipt of our donation as well as some photos of their activities:


Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 14.19.07

unnamed-3 unnamed-2

Thank you to everyone involved who made Late Night possible! Big shoutout to the FASA first-years, members of Exco, and FASA upperclass students that provided a place for the first-years to cook. We hope to continue this practice of donating to activist organizations in our home countries by using funds raised from future Late Nights.

Special shoutout to the Office of International Affairs, WesleyanWorldWednesday, and the Resource Center for helping us fund our Late Night preparations; and special shoutout to Ms. Khalisah Halid of WALHI for coordinating with us to make the transfer of our donations possible.

To learn more about WALHI, you can visit their website at: (website in Indonesian).

To view the original FASA Late Night 2018 Facebook event, you can click the link here: .


On a lovely and temperate fall day in late October, FASA organized an apple-picking trip at Lyman Orchards, about half an hour away from Wesleyan campus. The trip was open to the Wesleyan public and many non-FASA members came along for the ride.

The sun was shining brightly as we reached our destination, and hills of orange hue surrounded all around, making for a stunning view with the best colors of fall.


Blood red apples hung temptingly from the branches of the apple trees, ripe for the picking. What a treat it was to reach out, pluck an apple, and sink into the sweetness, juice dribbling down our chins!

12189387_1175251585836748_1187563274116978848_o 12186852_1175251649170075_3153524652122115669_o

Here are some photos of the participants enjoying themselves:

12186814_1175251582503415_8371049094008105721_o 12182438_1175251735836733_5574757242939799140_o


We returned with stomachs and bags full of apples, fresh air in our lungs, and happiness in our hearts, all blessings of Mother Nature’s rich bounty.



Written by Justin Liew ‘18

Freeman Asian Scholars Dinner Fall 2015

The ground was a sea of yellow and brown, as the merry colors of fall began to fade away into the brilliant whiteness of winter. It was a fine, temperate Saturday evening, the 17th of October, as the Freeman Scholars of Wesleyan gathered for group photos on the steps of the Wesleyan Film Center. While most scholars donned (semi) formal wear, kudos to those who sported colorful traditional costumes from their home countries!


After the photo shoot, the annual Freeman Scholar’s Dinner was held in the warmth of Beckham Hall, Wesleyan University. It was a fancy affair indeed! Smartly­ dressed waiters waltzed around with silver plates of Asian finger food such as sushi, deep­fried spring rolls, and samosas; and drinks were available at an open bar.


After some opening remarks from Barbara­Jan Wilson (Vice President for University Relations) and John Driscoll (the ‘Fight Song Guy’), everyone tucked in to enjoy a scrumptious three­course meal.

DINNER 1 stu_fas_2015-1018145115 RECEPTION 1 stu_fas_2015-1018145012

Every year, the incoming freshman class and outgoing senior class will treat the audience to a performance. The freshmen performance was culturally illuminating and diverse— showcasing Indonesian dance by Amira, Thai music by Pi, Chinese opera by Olivia, and everyone coming together for a grand sing­along in the finale.

YouTube Preview Image

The senior class screened some extremely entertaining videos and performed a skit that involved an investment banking interview, people in large boxes, crudely drawn self­ portraits, and a good dose of philosophical confusion.

YouTube Preview Image

Many Freeman alumni made it to the dinner for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and donated to the Freeman Fund for future scholars. Everyone who donated received a complimentary Polaroid picture for sentimental keepsakes.

Eki and Victor stu_fas_2015-1018145104Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.01.37 PM









The event was a success, and everyone left with smiles on their faces. The fun didn’t end there— an after­party was held at a Freeman seniors’ house that lasted into the wee hours of morning! ‘Eat, drink, and be merry’, as the saying goes, and indeed, who could ask more of life?

Written by Justin Liew

Fall 2015 FASA Potluck and Election


On September 19th, this year’s FASA potluck took place, welcoming eleven new members to the FASA family. Attendance was unprecedentedly high and the community felt like a family more than ever. After a brief introduction by each of the scholars, FASA Co‐Chair Victor went through all the events that the EXCO had organized for the past year and the announced the fruit of our fundraising effort. Victor’s team also initiated several reforms of the EXCO’s operational and financial structures that aimed to make the team more efficient and transparent. Changes include launching the new Media and Publications Committee (MPC) under the EXCO and channeling part of the money raised to organizing social events for current scholars. These were well‐received by all members.

We also elected a new EXCO, whose enthusiasm and reliability would help to further foster the bonds between our members. This year’s EXCO includes:

Victor Goh​



​Carlo Medina



​Jiyoon Park



​Eki Ramadhan



​Amanda Yeoh



​Tuan Nguyen



​Olivia Cai



​Aqila Putri



​Gayon Yang



Wilson Lai



Justin Liew



By now, many must wonder how the food was. Please see below for several pictures from the event and of what our scholars prepared for the potluck.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.09.45 pm




Our Freeman spirit, it lives on!!!

Written by Tuan Nguyen

FASA Welcomes Class of 2019

On September 6th 2015, FASA held a Freeman Reception 2015 for Freeman Scholars class of 2019. The event itself was a part of the New Students Orientation, and was held at the Asian/Asian American House lawn.


The Freeman Reception 2015 was mostly a welcoming event where the freshmen could get to know a little bit about the sophomores, juniors, seniors, and FASA in general. FASA ExCo provided chips and drinks to snack on, and Tuan, senior from Vietnam, lead the icebreaker games.

Here is the list of FASA’s newest members:

Wilson Lai — Hong Kong
Amira Suntana — Indonesia
Sara Kim — Japan
Teresa Naval — Philippines
Amanda Yeoh — Malaysia
Ziran Cai — PRC
Gayon Yang — South Korea
Han Yang Tay — Singapore
Wei Lan Lim — Taiwan
Pi Songkuntham — Thailand
Giap Do — Vietnam



This Saturday, we are going to have our first potluck of the semester and Fall 2016 election! There are 7 open positions in the ExCo, and we cannot wait to have new ExCo members to work with us this semester!

Check out this short video from the Reception event:

YouTube Preview Image
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