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FASA Career and Further Education Panel with FASA Alumni

Time: Sat, 23. Oct. 2010 3:00pm
Location: Usdan 108

Four Freeman Scholar Alumni joined Freeman Asian Scholars Association during Homecoming and Family Weekend and shared their experiences at Wesleyan and beyond.

Panellists for FASA 2010 Career Panel
1. Li Yu ’99 (PRC)
Asst. U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York
Majors: CSS + Mathematics/Economics

2. Lily Grant ’02 (Hong Kong)
Music teacher at Naubuc Elementary School, CT
Major: Sociology

3. Carlo Balane-Bolivar ’06 (The Philippines)
Student: MPA in Finance and Health Management at New York University
Major: Molecular Biology And Biochemistry

4. Selina Tirtajana Class of ’08 (Indonesia)
Student: Masters of Public Health at Yale University
Major: CSS + Earth and Environmental Science

FASA Booth at Homecoming and Family Weekend

Time: Sat, 23. Oct. 2010 whole day
Location: Usdan Lobby

This Freeman Asian Scholars Association booth was part of FASA’s fundraising efforts to sponsor another international student to attend Wesleyan. We asked for monetary donations and in exchange patrons would receive memorabilia or trinkets contributed by Freeman Asian Scholars Association members, and raised $309.45 in total from this initiative!

The ExCo invites Freeman Asian Scholars Association members to continue contributing items from their home countries; please contact Social Activities Committee Heads Leo Enverga ’14 (fenverga -at- wesleyan -dot- edu).

16th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner + After-Party

16th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner
Time: Fri, 8. Oct. 2010 6:00pm
Location: Beckham Hall

FASA’s most-anticipated event of the year, the 16th Annual Freeman Scholars Dinner, took place on the evening of October 8th, 2010. Many Freeman Asian Scholars Association members, alumni, Wesleyan faculty, and administration were present to mingle, reunite, and relive their Wesleyan moments. Most importantly, this event was a great opportunity to celebrate all that the Freeman family had generously provided for the Freeman scholars, and the Wesleyan community.  Before the event, all Freeman Asian Scholars Association members of class 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 gathered on the steps of Olin to cherish one of the rare opportunities to meet their friends from different class years, and preserve memory of this great moment on many group photos.

The keynote speaker of the event, President Roth, started the night by a poignant remark on the generosity that Mr. Houghton “Buck” Freeman ’43 and his family have shown toward Wesleyan, and how their gracious contribution had touched and changed the lives of many Freeman scholars. Following President Roth’s remark, the senior and freshman class put on two wonderful skits to showcase their talents, cultures, and Wesleyan experiences. While the skit by the freshman class was a creative interpretation of an old tale, the Sleeping beauty, the skit by the senior class was inspired by the experiences they had at Wesleyan, and pondered about what Freeman Asian Scholars Association members would become in 10 years down the road. Both performances were well received, and engaged the audience throughout the dinner.

On an ending note, the ExCo would like to extend Freeman Asian Scholars Association’s wholehearted gratitude to Gina and John Driscoll, and all who made this wonderful evening possible. To the freshman class: We hope you enjoyed your first Freeman Scholars dinner, and once again, welcome to Wesleyan! To the graduating seniors: Good luck with all your dreams, and you will be missed! We hope you will come back to join us in future Freeman Scholars dinners.


Freeman Dinner After Party
Time: Fri, 8. Oct. 2010 10:00pm
Location: Asian/Asian American House

After the formal Freeman Asian Scholars Association Dinner, Freeman scholars attended the more casual dance and social party. A playlist of popular songs from all over Asia, most of which were requested by Freeman Asian Scholars Association members, served as the night’s music. Overall, it was a successful event which allowed members to socialize with one other.

FASA Start-of-Semester Potluck / ExCo Elections Fall 2010

Time: Fri, 17. Sept. 2010 6:30pm
Location: Butterfield C Lounge

Freeman Asian Scholars Association had its official potluck with amazing people and food!

With many Freemans of different class year gathering for this great opportunity to catch up after a long summer vacation, we held an election for new Exco co-chairs and welcomed the Class of 2014.

We nominated and voted for new Exco co-chair, secretary, and other co-chairs of subcommittees. The election was indeed competitive; nominees for committee co-chairs presented themselves with eloquent and passionate statements. The result of this animated election bid? Ambitious freshman class filled all the vacancy for committee co-chairs! Most importantly, former secretary Gavin Swee’13 was elected as a new omnipotent co-chair!

After the Exco election, everyone rushed to the array of scrumptious food that all freeman scholars prepared. Sharing food, having a delightful conversation, and taking pictures, we Freeman scholars enjoyed the moment of community.

It is such an honor to have so many talented cooks in our FASA community! yummmmmm


 Our new Exco co-chair Mr. Swee! He seems excited to gain unanimous support of FASA (and of course excited for the food too!)

New sweet Freeman the class of 2014!! From the left: Angela, Bohao, Winston, Julian, GaEun, Huyen, Paul, Michelle, Lin, and Leo.


Special thanks to Gina Driscoll who made heavenly chocolate cookies. I still remember the soft and rich cookie, Gina! And to the Professor Alice Hadler.          Also, special thanks to John Driscoll who always delights us with his sense of humor and advices!