Author: kabe

Potluck and Elections Spring 2013 + Discussion

Two weeks have passed since the Spring semester started, and this Friday Freeman scholars gathered and enjoyed conversations over warm home-cooked food.

at the end of this potluck event, new Freeman Asian Scholars Association committee members were elected:

Co-chair : Julian Theseira ’14

Financial Affairs Committee : Tony Lee ’16

Public Alumni Relations Committee : Victor Goh ’16

Social Activities Committee : Angela Lo ’14



Freeman Scholars sharing rich food culture with each other



Victor Goh ’16 making a speech as he has been nominated for FASA committee


In addition to traditional potluck Elections, we had a discussion where we exchanged ideas on how we can step forward as FASA community. Now the history of Freeman Scholarship has been built up, and this discussion also served as an opportunity for every one of us to reflect on what it means to be a freeman scholar. I am hoping that the conversations on these topics will be continued throughout our college careers and ideas of each one of us be translated into actions in each way.


Thank you very much again for an inspiring night. Stay warm (It’s been snowing on and off) and stay tuned for coming events!

FASA Late Night Sale 2012

November 11th 2012

In spite of the Sandy’s approach to middletown, Class of 2016 took an initiative of an annual Late Night Sale, serving delicious cuisines which represented some of their home countries. We raised $700 this year!The proceeds from this Late Night Sale goes to FASA scholarship. Thank you all very much for coming out on the Sunday night!


Egg Tarts from Hong Kong

Okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake) from Japan

People enjoying the taste of Asia (A lot of people showed up!)

Happy faces of Class of 2016, including the students who gave us a help.

This annual Late Night sale not only serves as a fundraising to FASA scholarship but brings freeman community closer through planning and cooking. Class of 2016 came up with an efficient serving system, which allows the serves not to run around anymore! (Yes, the following morning of last year’s Sale, I remember waking up realizing my legs being sore.)

Their faces prove the absolute success of this year’s Late Night Sale!

Once again, I would like to thank you all who made this possible, and hope to see you all next year!


FASA Annual Dinner 2012 and the After Party

When: October 5th, 2012.

We had an annual Freeman Asian Scholars Association dinner, welcoming Class of 2016 with traditional costumes as well as having a great time with alumni.

It was a beautiful evening, and FASA members and alumni shared their passion as well as their life stories. I had some moments that made me think over again what being a freeman scholar means.

Class of 2016 group picture Class of 2016 in their own traditional clothing


Class of 2015 group pictureClass of 2015 in black and pink


Class of 2014, getting ready to be seniors Class of 2014, getting ready to be seniors.


FASA members and alumniFreeman Asian Scholars and alumni mixed with each other over a fine dinner.


Class of 2012, after their senior performance.Class of 2013, after their senior performance. “I’m proud to be a Freeman Scholar. How about you?”    Thank you always!


Freshman, senior and alumni playing wiiIt’s becoming a tradition… Wii bonding time at the After Party.


From the Annual Dinner to the After Party, Freeman Scholars and FASA alumni had a lot of conversations, and hopefully inspired each other. I hope this tradition of mutual inspiration, including between FASA scholars, keeps being passed down to next generations. This might be what constitutes “a pride to be a Freeman Scholar,” which seniors wanted to tell us.