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Mid semester Potluck

March 31st  Mid Semester Potluck @ Light House

The Freeman scholars gathered for an informal potluck at  Light House. It was an enjoyable evening with underclassmen interacting with their soon-to-graduate seniors. As usual, the Freeman scholars prepared delicious food of all varieties. Thank you all for your wonderful support !

Here are some photos of the potluck.

Jill ’15 and Michael ’15

Yu ’13 and Kuan-Lin ’12

Francis ’13, Angela ’14 and Nathan ’13

Potluck and Elections Spring 2012

It is that time of the semester again when the Freeman  scholars gather to enjoy great food and company. Everyone is especially excited to see each other after the long winter break.

New Freeman Asian Scholars Association committee members are elected and they are

Co-chair : Abraham Ngu ’13

Financial Affairs Committee : Bing Xin ’13

Public Alumni Relations Committee : Leslie Lai ’15

Social Activities Committee : Chun Kit Ng ’15

Freeman scholars wait eagerly in line to have a taste of the food prepared by their fellow friends. Food ! Asian food, Western food, Japanese food, you name it, we have it all ! Freeman Scholars display their culinary skills in preparing these delectable dishes ! Newly elected Co-chair Abraham Ngu giving his speech.Freeman Scholars listen attentively as co-chair Lin gives her presentation about elections. 

Signing off with the picture of a happy Han Hsien Liew ’12. :)

Once again, thank you all Freeman scholars for making this event a success. Stay tuned for more  events brought to you by the Freeman Asian Scholars Association.

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