Class of 2015 group pictureRemember the warm sunshine upon your skin, after the chilly cold of New England winter, as you sat on Foss Hill celebrating the arrival of spring? Remember the zombie-esque days of rushing your papers in ST/PAC lab? Remember the amateur-ish but spirited skit your class put up during freshman year for the annual Freeman Dinner? Remember the Wesleyan Fight Song led by the beloved John Driscoll?

As the Freeman Asian Scholars Family grows, and everyone settles in many different places in the world after graduation, we can only wish to all be in one place, chatting over a cup of steaming coffee and reminiscing the fond old Wesleyan days…

Well, the next best alternative is to keep everyone together through the technologies of today. Connect with us, talk to us, and share your life experiences with us. There is no greater pleasure for any one of us to one day, bump into an old friend, or into a fellow Freeman Asian Scholar we have never met, but share the same bonds nonetheless.

Update us all, keep in contact and make new connections. Begin this very moment here!

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