The second instalment of the Class of 2019 Freshmen! Get to know Zach from Vietnam and Amira from Indonesia.

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What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your time?

Elementary Chinese, because the course composes of 2 different classes, and I have class time as well as homework every day.

Where is your favourite place to do schoolwork?

I don’t know if I should say this… But the Olin Reserve Desk? That’s my work-study job on campus. The Reserve Desk is a place in the library where professors put certain books on reserve for their courses and students can borrow them for a 2-4 hour period, and my job is to man the desk and assist these students when they come in to borrow/return/renew books. But in between it’s also where I get to do homework without distractions from friends or food or naps.

What do you think is Wesleyan’s hidden gem?

– Me
– The books shelved in the Olin stacks. I’ve found books here that I couldn’t find in Vietnam, or Kinokuniya Singapore (largest bookstore in Southeast Asia for 10 years until 2007).
– The gender neutral bathroom in Fisk Hall after 5pm

What would you say to people interested in applying to the Freeman Asian Scholarship?

It is worth it. People like to ask me how it’s been and how I’m liking it so far a lot, and every time I uhh and ahh and they think I’m not impressed or I don’t like it, but that’s just because I’m a social retard who doesn’t know how to talk. And also because Wesleyan has been exactly what I want and expected, so there’s really not much to say. Honestly I’m just grateful to be here.

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Where is your favourite place to do schoolwork?

Second floor of Olin Library. Although I also do a lot of my work in my room either on my desk or on my bed. (And occasionally on Wilson’s floor)

What do you think is Wesleyan’s hidden gem? 

Russell House. Definitely Russell House. It’s the big, old, white house on the corner of Washington and High. Very beautiful interior. Very well preserved. (It’s also a National Historic Landmark so you should definitely check it out) But upper-classmates say it’s haunted so beware.

What do you do when you miss home?

I call my family and ask them how they’re doing. I also like to make tea (with tea leaves, not tea bags) that I brought from home.

What has been your favourite experience so far at Wesleyan?

I don’t really have a “favourite” experience just yet, but the most interesting experience that I’ve had so far was witnessing the total lunar eclipse on Foss Hill. Lots of people came and they even clapped at the peak of the eclipse. It was bizarre but definitely something that I will always remember.