On a lovely and temperate fall day in late October, FASA organized an apple-picking trip at Lyman Orchards, about half an hour away from Wesleyan campus. The trip was open to the Wesleyan public and many non-FASA members came along for the ride.

The sun was shining brightly as we reached our destination, and hills of orange hue surrounded all around, making for a stunning view with the best colors of fall.


Blood red apples hung temptingly from the branches of the apple trees, ripe for the picking. What a treat it was to reach out, pluck an apple, and sink into the sweetness, juice dribbling down our chins!

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Here are some photos of the participants enjoying themselves:

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We returned with stomachs and bags full of apples, fresh air in our lungs, and happiness in our hearts, all blessings of Mother Nature’s rich bounty.



Written by Justin Liew ‘18