The final post in this series. We hope that you’ve enjoyed these blog posts this semester and please look forward to more next semester!

Louis Carlo Medina — Philippines


  • Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

I used to hobo in some pockets of Exley. I found those places really chill but the new benches has left me displaced. In general, anywhere with ambient noise works perfectly well for me. As I always tell Stefan, SCILI >> OLIN. Oh, the well-coveted nooks in Allbritton are also great spots to do work.

  • What is your plan for this last half of spring semester that can only be done during this period?

In increasing level of urgency:
-Roll down Foss.
-Wear 3S: Shirt, Shorts, Slippers outside.

  • Do you have a plan on what classes you are going to take next year?

Yes. But I pray that may the pre-reg odds be ever in our favor. Pre-reg is as unpredictable as the quality of Chicken Kebab in Summerfields.

  • Something that makes you really sad this semester?

That in a few weeks, it would be illegal to use the word Freshman when I talk about myself. And MORE importantly, that my points won’t get carried over next semester.

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

The cleanest toilet on campus is located under Zelnick Pavilion. Most private too. Have it your way without anyone judging you. Just keep it as it is.


Vivian Liu — Taiwan

照片 (1)

  • Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

In my dorm! Where food is available and so is my borrowed 3DS and my music and… other stuff not exactly related to schoolwork. If I need to focus intensely I go to Olin. (But in all seriousness, the Nics are awesome — somehow we just seem to have 24/7 quiet hours.)

  • Biggest culture shock?

People… put… their shoes… in the washer… along with their clothes?! (That might have been a one-time thing but the things you find in your dorm-mates’ washers and dryers in general are… interesting.)

  • What is your favorite food at Wes?

S&C FOOD. Seriously, go for that first three freshmen free meal. CHERISH YOUR CHANCES WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. It’s a class of 150 people, but somehow you still get the individual attention — around 10 students went on a movie trip once, and despite most of us having never talked to Professor Plous, he managed to name us all. It’s just a very, very unique classroom experience in general. I love it so much that I’m TA-ing for it next year so definitely take it!

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

Bring food. Bring lots of food. You will miss Asian food. There will be no good Asian food available. Make friends with upperclassmen who will make Asian food for you.

John Xu — China


  • What are some things that you would totally recommend bringing from home to Wes?

Posters, maps and other really big things you could hang on a wall. It just feels sad when the other American kid brings half of his house in and your part of the room is just whitewashed wall.

  • Biggest culture shock?

People greeting each other a lot. I mean, A LOT.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

Latin. Got a nice ring to it. Might be a preconception on my part but it doesn’t get more liberal arts than sitting in a small conference room chatting with a wise old prof about Rome and uttering Latin phrases like a philosopher does.

  • What is your favorite food at Wes?

Pasta. The chef guy is really funny and he’s really great at it.

  • What is your favorite building at Wes?

Exley. Believe or not, I’m often a bit unsettled by the museum-like, historic-feeling architecture on American campuses. Exley Center just reminds me of the good old unassuming steel-gray concrete cubes back in China and that makes me feel warm inside. Also because it’s the science building.