Aqila Listya Putri — Indonesia


  • What is your current project/homework/paper that takes the most of your sleeping/Netflix time?

Econ research paper, Government research paper, and Entrepreneurship business model presentation.

  • What is your summer plan?

I’m waiting for confirmation for an internship back in Jakarta! If everything works as I hope it will, I’ll be learning a lot about human trafficking during my internship.

  • What do you do when you miss home?

Telling myself that I should be grateful with all the opportunities I get here at Wes and start bombarding my sister with silly LINE stickers

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t be afraid to ask. Ask your friends, professors, school administrator, everyone. (and don’t forget to check in early if you want to work at Olin)


Duong ┬áVu — Vietnam


  • What do you do when you miss home?

I silently weep in the closet.

Just kidding, having great friends here makes me feel like home, so it offsets that feeling quite a lot.

  • Something that makes you really happy this semester?

Besides having awesome company, probably discovering my real passion and them tasty banana bread loafs in WesShop.

  • Have you attended performances at Wes? What is your favorite (or two) performance(s)?

A piano performance by Kim Cheol Woong, a talented North Korean artist who defected from the country to pursue his passion. Wonderful to listen to not only his music, but also his amazing story of dedication and perseverance.

And the Winter Dance last semester by Wes students (Aqila!). First time seeing contemporary dance live, for me, and it was confusingly and breathtakingly mind-blowing.

  • Biggest culture shock?

Sparkling water. Just, why..?

  • What is your favorite class so far?

Drawing I with Julia Randall. You really get to improve your skills in this class; so interesting a class because it forces you to fail repeatedly and, most of the time, miserably and learn from those mistakes. Also, the professor deserves every compliment. She’s knowledgeable, straightforward, constructive, and funny too. Class has never had a down moment thanks to her energy. Anyone can take it, even those who have no idea how to draw (much like I was on entering the class), and just enjoy the experience.