After months of horrid winter, the weather has finally turned for the better! Over 20 enthusiastic people took advantage of the perfect sunny weather by going on a hike to Sleepy Giant State Park. The hike was held on Apr 18, Saturday, and was co-sponsored by the Freeman Asian Scholars Association (FASA) and Outhouse.

Despite the early meeting time, most participants were already assembled at10am in Outhouse. Posse Scholars and QuestBridge Scholars counted among the participants, and the event served to enable different communities to interact with one another. After a brief introductory session, we were quickly scooted off to our destination – Sleepy Giant!

Near Quinnipiac University, the mountain is a popular hiking spot for students and residents living in the region. Many hikers were seen at the foot of the mountain ready for their ascend on this wonderful Saturday morning. The heat wasn’t bad at all, and was a nice welcome after the record winter temperatures that plagued the Northeastern region. We could no longer wait! After an hour of climbing and chatting, we soon arrived at the lookout tower at the peak of the mountain. We quickly clambered together to take a group-shot, eager to show how sporty we were.

Despite the sleepy creature that lay below us, we were as energetic as ever throughout the journey. Thank you to everyone who participated in the hike, and we hope to see you all at the next FASA event


Picture and text by Victor Goh