Second Freshman Features brought to you by SAC!

Shizua Hatori — Japan


  • Where is your favorite place to do schoolwork?

On my bed because after a few minutes I live in my dream.

  • What is your plan for this last half of spring semester that can only be done during this period?

I am planning to wear three pairs of cute sandals that I got during spring break. It has not happened yet.

  • Biggest culture shock?

Everyone eats a peach without peeling its skin.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

GOVT157 — you get three countries for papers. You also learn three major theories in class and you talk about each country from one of the three theories.

  • How crazy is your sleep schedule?

Tuesday – Thursday : 5-6hours of sleep. Usually go to bed past 2am and wake up at 8.
Friday :10 hours.
Saturday :10 hours. Usually wake up at like 12pm lazy Saturdays!
Sunday: 4-5 hours always struggle with finishing work for class. go to bed at like 3 or 4
Monday: 8 hours. Usually become like a zombie (because of crazy Sunday) and go to bed at 7pm and wake up at 3 am.


Justin Liew — Malaysia


  • Do you have a plan on what classes you are going to take next year?

I plan to take an English class and an Economics class to contribute toward my double major. With my extra slots I’ll pursue my newfound interest in the arts, with a painting/ drawing class, and maybe a singing/ music class. Also perhaps a computer science class since I have zero knowledge about IT.

  • What are your summer plans?

I’ll be flying back to Malaysia! Just working part time for money and going on food trips to get my fill of Malaysian food before returning to burgers, pizzas, and salads. And hanging out with my beloved friends and family.

  • Something that make/made you really happy this semester?

Taking West African Dance and Astronomy! Totally random classes but they’re my favorite classes cause they’re just so friggin’ fun.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

I think I’ve really fallen in love with Drawing, which I took last semester. I’ve never remotely drawn anything before this, and initially I was terrible, but it kinda clicked together midway through the semester, and now I can’t look back. Every week I join the Drawing co-op which is student run and allows anyone to come and draw models for free, and hopefully I get to take more studio art classes in the years to come here.