Hello everyone! Starting this week, this blog will be updating weekly/bi-weekly with posts that feature our current Freeman freshman, the Class of 2018. To introduce these fun and amazing people, we compiled a list of 20 questions total and asked them to select a few of them to answer. We had a lot of fun doing these so we hope you enjoy them as well!

Korkrid (Krid) Akepanidtaworn — Thailand 


  • Where are you living next year?

I will be living in community service house, where service-minded peers gather and create positive impacts on our Wesleyan and Middletown community. I selected Community service house as my first choice considering my interest in community-serving work and social entrepreneurship (related to social change). And I am really excited to be a part of this loving community. (Please visit my house!)

  • What is your favorite class so far?

FACES-OF-KOREA by Prof. Hyejoo Back, a Korean Wesleyan Professor. She basically introduced Korean culture, giving us opportunities to feel “Korean.” There was the time when she took us out to the Korean restaurant off-campus, and we learned about Korean food as well as table etiquette. It was really memorable!

  • What is your favorite food at Wes?

Mongolian Grill at Usdan from Monday to Friday will bring you back to your Asian-like taste. I always find myself getting it before going to my afternoon classes, which to some extent boosts up my energy for studying!

  • Say a few things to future potential freeman scholars!

College life is short. Live to the fullest! Learn hard, and play hard.


Ji Yoon (Hailee) Park — South Korea


  • Do you have a plan on what classes you are going to take next year?

I’m pretty much set on double majoring in chemistry and neuroscience, so I am planning to take molecular biology, neurobiology, neurobiology of neurological diseases, organic chemistry lab, elementary German, and Ballet I!

  • What do you do when you miss home?

Back in home, I rarely watched Korean TV shows, but now that I am here, I happened to watch Korean dramas and TV shows whenever I miss home.

  • What are some things that you would totally recommend bringing from home to Wes?

Middletown is a lot more “country” than I expected..so it’s not that easy to get around without a car, especially when you need to shop clothes/skin care products/buy Korean snacks/etc. You can get by using internet shopping, but I find them to be a bit expensive, and the delivery takes forever! So I’d recommend to bring stuff that you necessarily won’t be able to get in general stores (e.g. RiteAid, Price Chopper, etc.). Also, don’t bring in a lot of summer clothes because winter lasts for at least 5 months in New England! Bring the thickest jacket you have to brace yourself for the New England winter.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

I really enjoyed “Language in Poetry” last semester, which was a freshman seminar because there was a lot of interaction among students and the professor, and also I got to approach poetry in a way that I have never experienced before! I am also getting to enjoy more of “Organic Chemistry II” that I’m taking this semester, because the problem solving aspect of synthetic and retrosynthetic analysis are so fun.


And that will be it for this week. Thank you for reading and see you next week!