New semester, new ExCo members! The Freeman Asian Scholarship Association organized Spring 2015 election on January 30th at Allbritton Penthouse. The event started with the election itself, and after that Gina Driscoll gave an update on the upcoming FASA’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.16354645140_5eec83727d_z

16541113662_f3cdd5b697_zHere is the new Executive Committees Spring 2015:

Co-Chairs                               : Mikaela Helene O Reyes and Victor Jin Chieh Goh

Secretary                                : Shingo Umehara

Financial Affairs Committee : Carlo Medina and Eki Ramadhan

Social Affairs Committee      : Vivian Liu and Aqila Putri

Public and Alumni Relations Committee : Hans Ming How and Nguyen Viet Anh Tuan

Unlike the Fall 2014 election and potluck, this potluck’s theme seemed to be desserts: banana bread, apple crisp, tofu cake, donuts, fruits—we came home high on sugar and spirit! Many of us stayed until pretty late to catch up with our friends after the Winter Break. It feels good to be back to Wesleyan!