On August 27th, FASA organized a meet and greet gathering for the FASA’17!

We had a great time getting to know all of the freshmen and introducing ourselves. It was a lovely start of the semester!

Let’s welcome our new members:

Mikaela Reyes from THE PHILIPPINES
Roxie Chuang from TAIWAN
Asad Hassanali from SINGAPORE
Han Ming How “Hans” from MALAYSIA
Austin Pham from VIETNAM
Jason Wangsadinata from INDONESIA
Cindy Horng from THAILAND
Alison Lam from HONG KONG
Maria Ma from CHINA
Shingo Umehara from JAPAN
and Hyerin Lee from KOREA

Here are some photos of the new (and old) faces:IMG_9629 Co-chair Ga Eun Yoo’14 gave a short speech about FASA.






Photo creds: Eki Ramadhan’16

Special thanks to German Haus for providing the space for us!