Sept 15  FASA Potluck and Election @ AllBriton 311

Freeman Scholars of all batches gathered for a potluck and elected the new committee members. It was an evening full of fun and food as scholars mingled around while enjoying delectable food made by their peers.

Congratulations to the newly elected committee members.

Co-Chair : Gena ’14

Secretary : Hannah ’16

Social Activities Committee : Kaito Abe ’15

Financial Affairs Committee : Tuan ’16

Public Alumni Relations Committee : Rizky ’15


Freeman Scholars Class of 2014

Freeman Scholars Class of 2016

Freeman Scholars Class of 2o13

FASA Exco !

Gavin ’13   Chun Kit ’15   Chi ’13   Jill ’15   Michael ’15

FASA scholars listening attentively to the presentation by Co Chair Abraham


Thank you all for coming and showing your support for FASA. We hope that you guys had as much as fun as we did. FASA would also like to extend gratitude to the committee members who are stepping down this semester. Thank you Lin ’14,  Yu ’13, Jill ’15 and Julian ’14 for contributing to the growth of FASA. The committee will miss you :(

On another note, the Freeman Dinner is coming soon. Some of the graduated seniors from the class of 2012 will be attending as well. We hope to see you guys there and don’t forget to drop by the Freeman Dinner After Party at AAA this friday at 10 pm. It will be a blast !