[ Freeman Asian Scholars Association Alumni Meet-Up: Life After Wes ]

When: Saturday, November 5 · 1pm – 4pm

We invited Freeman Asian Scholars Association alumni Pao-Lin Tien ’99, Wichuda “Tang” (Wichaidit) McConnell ’02, Ivy Chen ’09, and Mikako Tai ’11 to share their life experiences after Wesleyan and ask advices for current students.

We thank the panelists once again for giving us the insight into our future after graduation and practical advices for the students who want to go into the similar career path with that of panelists!

Exco has compiled helpful advices form the panelists. We want to share some of the tips about how to make Wesleyan life more fruitful and conducive to our future and find one’s passion. More after the jump!

1. Make the best of school resources and research opportunities! For example, Quantitative Analysis Center offered Pao-Lin Tien ’99 wonderful summer program that gave her advantage of strong job/grad school application. Also, QAC opens great statistical classes during summer! Use the school classes to learn more about statistical skills with which you can effectively use for research or internships!

2. Make a solid timeline for grad school application. Prepare GRE during summer and take the exam after summer! (Get GRE done by end of fall semester of senior year.) Figure out which schools you want to apply. You need to ask recommendations from professors (Get professors who know you well!!) Grad schools prefer personalized letters, so you would want to be picky when asking professors for recommendations. Get the list of schools before November.

3. Great news! 80% of grad students in economics are internationals. Having American undergrad background can be advantageous.

4. I wish I would have~~~~ 1) taken more language classes or more random classes 2) utilized gym better 3) enjoyed more film series 4) made better use of CFA programs (Ivy Chen ‘09 )

5. What Ivy Chen’s four summers looked like : 1st summer went home, 2nd summer participated in Hughes program, 3rd summer spent in japan and prepared apply to grad school, and the last summer volunteered in Indonesia with Sandy and Lana.

6. Essential tips! For pre-meds, apply at least for 13 schools!  For the students of life science, apply at least 10!

7. Memorable classes that our alumni thought helped them a lot

Writing about Places with Prof Hadler helped Mikako’11 feel more certain about her passion for Africa

Economies in Transition with Prof Bonin helped Mikako’11 realize her weakness and find the way to improver herself including a personalized writing tutor program.

African Dance was a true joy to Tang’02, as well as Writing about Places

– In common, our alumni recommended us to take the classes that challenge us!

We need guidance and advice from those who have already gone through similar experiences and dealt with similar situations in life. Common to all of us college students, questions about the life after college are huge challenge. In this regard, the alumni panel was a priceless chance for us to think seriously about our plans.