Month: October 2011

FASA Friday Fun Night !

Sept.7  Triple F @ Triple A house

A day after the official Freeman Asian Scholars Association Dinner, Freeman Asian Scholars Association members had another informal event to get together and socialize.

We set up Wii game set, various board games for fun, karaoki machine, and sweet hot chocolates with all the cookies and chips. Perfect arrangement for a night of fun games!

Freshman class made the best of the event, enjoying games and singing together till the last moment. The night was full of laughter, fun, food, and song.

We believe that holding a follow-up event after the official dinner is important in that more comfortable and informal place allows Freeman Asian Scholars Association members to know each other better and have fun.

Potluck and ExCo Elections Fall 2011

Friday, September 16. 2011
The Freeman Asian Scholars Association once again gathered for its Potluck and ExCo Elections, where the class of 2015 was welcomed and introduced to the rest of the Freeman Asian Scholars Association family in typical fashion – with lots of friends and food.
Some of the Freeman Asian Scholars Association class of 2015: Inha, Jill, Chun Kit, Borworn, Kaito, Rizky, Michael and Marianna. (we have more freshmen!)
 It was a great time for scholars from past batches to catch up with one another as some had been abroad the previous semester, and for the freshmen to get to know their upperclassmen better.
There is nothing that unites people as much as food, glorious food, so this was indeed a rousing success.
New Freeman Asian Scholars Association ExCo members were elected, with the posts of Chair and committee Co-chairs being filled after a competitive bid for votes. Below are the members that successfully ran for positions:
Co-chair: Lin Arttachariya
Secretary: Marianna Ilagan
Financial Committee: Yu Vongkiatkajorn
PARC: Julian Theseira
Social Activities: Jill Jie’en Tan
Freeman Asian Scholars Association sat with sincere attention as Co-Chair Chi gave a presentation about election.

FASA senior farewell 2011

On a beautiful day of May, the Freeman Asian Scholars Association held a sweet party for seniors.

The Senior Farewell Dinner party is one of our traditions, which celebrates graduating class for their achievements at Wesleyan and gives beautiful memory they can cherish as a member of Freeman Asian Scholars Association community.

ExCo prepared presents for our seniors!- – – – – – – – -Freeman Asian Scholars Association hoodies for everyone and special awards for those who contributed a lot to the Freeman Asian Scholars Association.


FASA Late Night Fundraising

A Sweet Victory – Freeman Asian Scholars Association Late-Night Fundraising

“Food is more than just something to satiate hunger… food brings people together… food reminds me of home”. This was written by an avid food enthusiast from the Freeman Asian Scholars Association Class of 2013 and appropriately captures the different aspects of Freeman Asian Scholars Association’s successful fundraising initiative.

On a Sunday night, Dec. 5th 2011, the Freeman Asian Scholars Association (FASA) organized a late-night Asian dessert sale, providing delectable sweet and savory treats to Wesleyan students needing an energy boost from studying. We aimed to raise funds for the Freeman Asian Scholars Association scholarship so that an international student may attend Wesleyan who does not come from the 11 countries covered by the scholarship.

The evening’s sweet delicacies included bubble tea, mochi, sago and egg tarts. We also served Mi Goreng, an Indonesian spicy fried noodle dish, for those in the mood for something savory. The late-night allowed students to take a break from work, sit and mingle with others in the lounge and experience different flavors from our home cultures.

The event’s delicious desserts were prepared and sold by the Freeman Asian Scholars Association Class of 2014, with the facilitative support of the Freeman Asian Scholars Association ExCo. From this, it became especially evident that the Freshman Class of 2014 is truly a tight-knit group of exuberant and hardworking culinary masters-in-the-making. This was, therefore, not just a success story for Freeman Asian Scholars Association, but for the current freshman class as well!

The Freeman Asian Scholars Association event had a great turnout and raised a grand total of $867.85! This sizeable bounty would not have been possible without the contributions of the Freeman Asian Scholars Association ExCo, FASA members, Gina and John Driscoll, Chinese House, German Haus, Full House, 200 Church, John Kehoe of Bon Appétit and all who took time to come down to spend money in support of us. We really appreciate all the support that has been given to help the Freeman Asian Scholars Association realize our mission, and we look forward to the continued involvement.