Oct 30

A Trip to Wadsworth Falls

On Sunday, Oct.5, the Freeman Asian Scholars gathered in front of the Olin Library to prepare for a short trip to Wadsworth Falls, a state park located near campus.



After a half an hour walk in the lovely autumn weather, we arrived at the park!





A shout-out thank you to Mika and Krid for bringing the essential items for a good event: food.




We had a great time talking to each other and enjoying nature. Thank you all so much for coming to the event and stay tuned for the next one!


Oct 25

Fall 2014 Potluck and Elections

Every semester, we Freeman Asian Scholars have held our potluck to welcome the new arrivals, and to see the faces we have missed over the summer. This year’s potluck has been particularly exciting, as it turns out that the Freeman Class of 2018 are excellent chefs!10616641_10152396834605963_3960186182480150342_n

Then we got down to business.


Thank you for the great spring!

Outgoing Exco members: Abhisit “AJ” Jiranaphawiboon,  Haikal “Eki” Ramadhan, Amanda Li.  Gratitudes for their diligent service for FASA!

Newly elected Exco members:

Co-Chair:  Mikaela Helene O Reyes

Secretary:  Shingo Umehara

Finance Affairs Commitee: Carlo Medina

Social Affairs Commitee: Vivian Liu, Borworn “Tong” Satayopas

Public and Alumni Relations Committee:  Han Ming How


We the remaining Freeman of 2015 thank you.

And announcing the creation of the new Publications Committee!

A heartfelt thank you for Professor Alice Hadler and Mr and Mrs Driscoll for joining us.  We shall dearly miss those who are starting their exciting adventures abroad, but here in the old wild Wes, it’s gonna be a great semester!

Apr 20

Poetry by Jill Tan ’15

Jill Tan '15 wrote this award-winning poetry work while she was studying abroad in India.

Jill Tan ’15, a Freeman Scholar from Singapore, was recently honored a prize for her poetry work that she wrote while studying abroad in India.

A message from Jill:

My dear fellow Freemans,

I’m Jill, from Singapore and the batch of 2015. As some of you may know, I went on a Buddhist Studies program in Bodh Gaya, India during my semester abroad. I lived in a monastery with no internet and computers, and meditated twice a day while undergoing some of the most profound change and connection I’ve experienced. A funny side effect of not having a computer meant that I wasn’t writing prose anymore as I had done since I have been at Wesleyan. Further, the life I was living was literally stranger than fiction, and better than any alternate reality I could compose. And so I turned to poetry. I’ve never had much interest in or acumen for crafting poetry, but here it seemed to come forth rather naturally.

Our current commander-in-chief Chun Kit (all hail the Kitty) is one of my best friends whom I discussed/harangued with many of my reflections on India, and he had mentioned that it might be worth sharing them with the rest of the FASA community. I struggled to find a medium that wasn’t didactic or disingenuously ironic, for there is such a fear of being judged for trenchant sincerity. Then I received notice that these poems I had scribbled in my journal, cobbled together, and submitted on a whim to the English department had been awarded one of the Sophie Reed prizes much to my surprise and slight amusement, and it occurred to me that this might be a good way to share some of the truth I lived. I’d like to offer up this collection of poems with joy and as much humility as shameless self-promotion will allow. Thank you for reading.
If any of you would ever like to talk about things within, or beyond, these verses, I can be reached at jtan01[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. Please write even if we have never really hung out or even met!
Read her award-winning poetry, Indian Ink, after the jump:

Mar 02

FASA Ice Skating



This year FASA came up with a fresh idea of letting all scholars to vote for social events to be held over the spring semester. Each member is entitled to rank top three preferences among six possible options.

To make the most out of Winter Olympics season, it is only right for FASA to hold an ice skating event as its first social event of the semester!

Kaito Abe '15 and Cindy Horng '17

Kaito Abe ’15 and Cindy Horng ’17

Freeman scholars gathered at the Spurrier-Snyder Hockey Rink, Freeman Athletic Center on Sunday afternoon, Feb 22, 2014. Some of us showcased their hidden ice skating talent and some spent the fun time learning how to skate for the first time.


Mika Reyes '17 and Austin Pham '17

Mika Reyes ’17 and Austin Pham ’17

We would like to those who came to our event. Stay tuned for the next SAC event after spring break!

Chun Kit Ng '15 and Jill Tan '15

Chun Kit Ng ’15 and Jill Tan ’15

Feb 02

Potluck and Elections Spring 2014

It’s that time of the semester again! FASA family began our spring semester with a little potluck event to reconnect with each other and elect new Executive Committee (Exco) members. This semester, our potluck and elections were held on Saturday, February 1st 2014, at Allbritton 311.

The event started began by welcoming three Freeman Scholars who spent their last semester abroad: Marianna Ilagan ’15 (Spain), Michael Leung ’15 (Japan), and Jill Tan ’15 (India). Welcome back to Wes!

It is with great pleasure to announce following scholars as the new members of FASA Exco:

Marianna Ilagan ’15 and Chun Kit Ng ’15—current Co-Chairs of FASA.


Marianna Ilagan ‘15

Financial Affairs Committee

Cindy Horng ‘17

Public and Alumni Relations Committee

Asad Hassanali ’17

Social Affairs Committee

Amanda Li ‘16

We greatly appreciate all scholars who took time to participate in this democratic process. Your support means a lot to the entire FASA community.

Exco members from Fall 2013

Exco members from Fall 2013.

On behalf of the FASA family, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the outgoing members of the Exco: Julian Theseira ’14, Tony Lee ’16, Victor Goh ’16, and Angela Lo ’14 for their excellent service and dedication over the past year!

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Professor Alice Hadler, John Driscoll and Gina Driscoll for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come to our event and share their wisdom (and delicious food!) with us.

FASA members enjoying food and good company at the Potluck and Elections Spring 2014

FASA members enjoying food and good company at the Potluck and Elections Spring 2014.

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